All You Need To Know About The Makeup Guru James Charles

YouTube has become the second-largest search engine after Google. People now rely on video content than any form of digital marketing format. YouTube has become the haven for finding any niche related content within a few clicks and scrolls. Search engine optimization also plays a major role in YouTube marketing as the individual uploading the video has to focus on specific keywords to get maximum views on that particular video just like it did in the case of James Charles.

YouTube is home to many social media influencers who have been influencing the crowd with their niche-specific quality content. Whether you want to know about the latest tech gadget or need a realistic review of a movie, you can find anything and everything on YouTube today.

YouTube influencers have gained ample popularity on Youtube. By developing quality content that targets a specific audience, these influencers tend to create a personal relationship with their audience that often celebrities fail to build. Every domain has a prominent YouTube influencers. When it comes to beauty and makeup, there are plenty of names that pops in our mind.

Among all, James Charles is one prominent name that is taken among all the A list makeup gurus on YouTube. Known for his sensational makeup tutorials, cosmetic line, and unique presentation, James Charles is a brilliant makeup artist. Born on May 23, 1999, James Charles Dickinson is an American internet personality, YouTube influencer, and makeup artist. He is also the first male to become an ambassador for Cover Girl. Charles is a New Yorker from Bethlehem and graduated from Bethlehem Central High school in 2017.

He started his YouTube channel in 2014. His channel focused on makeup tutorials and everything related to makeup. Soon James’ channel got millions of subscribers. This year, he has accumulated around 16.6 million subscribers and over 1.7 billion views. Among all these recognition, James also bagged an acclamation of being the first YouTube influencers who lost over 1 million subscribers in just 24 hours. He has also won the Best Channel in Beauty Category award at the 8th Streamy Awards. At the age of seventeen, Jams become the first male ambassador for CoverGirl, and he also worked along with brand ambassador Katy Perry. The recent reward in his kitty is the collaboration with Morphe to bring his line of the eyeshadow palette.

Jas Charles and Controversies

James has always been surrounded by controversies. Whether it was joking about EBOLA or commenting on trans men, James always found a way to stumble upon controversies. In 2017, Charles made a tweeted joke that was considered offensive for Africa and Ebola. Though he later made an apology, his comment has offended many people. In the past, he has made some confusing comments on his sexuality. He added that he was once attracted to girls, but then there were some trans guys that he was into that stirred the controversies. Some even said that James was transphobic. Charles apologized for her comments moments after realizing that his statement was not put the way it should be, He added that his comments were unintentionally transphobic and he apologizes for the same.

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How James Got Inclined Towards Makeup?

When James swirls his makeup brush, it seems so natural. It feels like he was born to do this; he was blessed with the ability to do flawless makeup. Well, the secrets lie in his childhood when the little James was magnificent at drawing and painting. James was a talented kid since his childhood. Charles was always addicted to arts. In some way or the other, he was related to arts. During his childhood, he was great at painting and drawing, and before getting into makeup, he was a hairstylist. So, for James, anything that matters was art.

We can easily conclude that his love for arts is something that brought Charles into makeup. Another major secret about Charles’s impeccable makeup skills is that he is self-taught. Yes, the makeup guru who is seen teaching flawless makeup to millions has not taken any classes or assistance from anyone. His passion and creativity have steered him where he is today. Well, Charles knew the basics of makeup and credit goes to YouTube after that, James started experimenting with his skills and collaborating with major cosmetic brands.

James And Morphe

James was always excited to bring his own cosmetic line. For years he has been working hard in the industry by making quality videos on YouTube and bagging massive subscriber’s count. All his effort and hard work were paid off when he got a chance to launch is an eyeshadow palette with Morphe Cosmetics. It was a dream come true for the makeup guru. This year, James was able to launch his eyeshadow palette. He was also invited to Birmingham, England to open Morphe’s second UK store. Everything was a dream for James.

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He was finally living the fantasy he had seen since day one. James also filmed a YouTube video where he shared his happiness after launching the eyeshadow palette. He further explained the nitty-gritty of the eyeshadow palette and how it’s going to meet all your eye shading requirements. James also elaborated on the brush sets that are primarily made for easy application and blending. The Morphe x James Charles mini palette has a unique color selection with an intricate brush set. The retail price of the palette is $23 comprising 13 eye brushes from Morphe.

The mini palette by James Charles is available on the Morphe’s official website and other eCommerce stores. If you haven’t yet brought the stunning mini palette, then you are surely missing out on a great product for your cosmetic collection.

Whether it is gaining ample recognition at such a young age or getting into controversies unintentionally, James Charles has always remained in the limelight. Since he has started his YouTube channel to upload makeup videos, fans and admirers have accepted her wholeheartedly for his magnificent skills.

Every day James is conquering new milestones in his life, and his admirers are constantly supporting him for his work. Now that James owns his cosmetic line, he has acquired a credible space in the makeup industry that will eventually get stronger with time.

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