Best freelancing jobs to try in 2019

Freelancing has surely become a popular career choice these days and this is the reason why now more and more people are moving towards it. A person can take up various jobs as a freelancer and the income from it may vary depending on the experience and the skills of the person.

Just like any other career option freelancing too has its share of advantages and disadvantages, which you should be aware of before taking any decision.

Pros of freelancing

  • You are your boss
  • You can take up the projects according to your own will
  • Work at any time according to your convenience
  • You can work from anywhere, your bedroom, a comfy sofa, a coffee shop nearby or even a park.
  • You can work hard for yourself and take your income to the highest level you ever imagined.

Cons of freelancing

  • You are required to continuously upgrade your skills just like any other career
  • You are required to do many things that you will not do as an employee, like filling up the invoices and other administrative work
  • Planning and managing you’re to ensure the inflow of the income becomes solely your responsibility.

Now that you are very well aware of the various advantages and disadvantages of freelancing, let us see various freelancing job options available in the market.

Best freelancing jobs in the market

  1. Illustrator

If you can create a sketch or logos then you can surely work as a Freelance Illustrator. As you gain more and more experience in your freelance career, you can charge up to $200 to $250 for each illustration.

  1. Freelance Administration Officer

Some of the companies do like to outsource their admin work. However, to take up this administrative job, you must have a good experience working in office administration.

  1. Personal Relation Consultant

As a PR consultant, you can take up various projects and campaigns simultaneously. The employer looks into your experience details to make sure that you are well equipped with the required skills to make the campaign successful. It is advised that before you take up the freelancing career make it a point to create an online portfolio which will fully demonstrate the work you have done previously.

  1. Marketing Consultant

If you have worked on the email marketing and social media marketing, after a certain time, you will notice that you have a steady flow of income this is the time to take the plunge in the freelancing world.

  1. Customer Service

Working as a customer service supporter is very easy as compared to any other freelancing job. You need to have good communication skills and you are good to go.

  1. 3D Modeler

3D modeling is the skill which hugely in demand across the industries all over the world. The industries, which make use of this technique, include videogames, motion pictures, 3D printing, various designs, medical imaging, and virtual reality. And if you are expert in this technique then why not work as a freelancer.

  1. Transcriber

Transcribing requires good listening as well as typing skills, as you will be asked to listen to the audio files and transcribe it into the format. Transcribing is best for a side hustle.

  1. Freelance Graphic Designer

In these modern days, graphic designing is very much in demand. Their responsibility is to design infographics and webpages and also various designs required for printing purposes.

  1. Article Writing and Blog Writing

You love writing down articles, blogs it is time to work for yourself by taking up the freelancing writing projects.

  1. Social Media Coordinator

As taking your business on the online platform is very much important for the success of the business, every company requires a social media coordinator.

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If you are expert in social media management then you are a perfect fit for this job.

  1. Translator

It is very easy to become a translator and hence translator is the most common freelancing job at present. All one requires is fluency in few languages with certification off course.

  1. Voice Actor

You are the one blessed with a distinguished voice, you can earn a lot working as a freelance voice artist with an advertisement company, radio and TV shows as well as for brand promotion.

  1. Copywriter

The work of Copywriters is way different than that of content writers. Copywriters are experts in creating web content and product descriptions.  The income of freelance copywriters depends on the skills as well as the expertise of each individual.

  1. Game Developer

Do you love playing a video game if yes then this job is for you? You will not only develop video games but also test them. And most importantly, get paid while doing all this.

  1. Search Engine

    Optimization Specialist

These freelancers are high on demand as every company owns a website and thus, they require their website to rank high in the Google search engine or any other search engine, for which search engine optimization is very crucial.

  1. Web Developer

If you are a qualified web developer and a coder you can have a good freelancing career.

This job is also one of the most posted jobs on the freelancing website because, in this Internet influenced world, everyone needs a website or at least a web page. But most of them do not have the required knowledge to develop a website.

  1. Legal Services Expert

People, companies, firms, and corporates are always in need of a legal advisor thus you can provide them your expert services and earn a handsome amount. Your chances of earning higher fees depend on the experience you have.

  1. Internet Security Specialist

More and more hackers are targeting big companies and business website and therefore internet security is a big issue these days.

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If you are an expert security service provider then this freelancing job is just for you.

  1. Transcriptionist

Transcription is one of the easiest jobs if you have transcription paddle and transcription software. This job is especially perfect for a fast typist.

There are many freelancing jobs available out there you just need to take a plunge and create your identity in this very competitive marketplace.

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