Famous Indian Blogs To Follow In 2021: Best Ones To Choose

Famous Indian Blogs

Are you looking for famous Indian blogs? Indian bloggers are great. Why? They promote food, stories, and every aspect of their life. They give you a taste of everything you’re looking forward to. 

Blogging is no longer a leisure activity in India. In fact, people have started picking it up as a career option. Ranging from lifestyle bloggers to healthcare bloggers, Indian bloggers have developed their prominence across different factors. 

Believe it or not, but bloggers are all about creativity. The creators of famous Indian blogs tend to earn millions. With the availability of so many Indian blogs, you should consider looking at the best content. 

Since blogging is a rising career option in India, why don’t you give it a try? Well, before starting to blog, all of us need some inspiration. So, if you’re looking for the same, here are some famous blogs you should follow. 

Famous Indian Blogs to follow

The development in technology has played an essential role in making blogging a potential career option. Initially, blogging was considered to be a mere passion. However, those times have passed. Blogging has become a serious career option. If you’re picking it up as a career option, you can earn millions. 


If travel and technology fascinate you, Kunzum by Ajay Jain is a significant blog to follow. Initially, he was a tech blogger but then came up with travel blogging. He soon set off across the world, and his blog contains information about his travel expeditions. 

Famous Indian Blogs
Source: India TV News

His space across Hauz Khas Village has information and all his travel photographs. Eventually, Kunzum became the first travel cafe in India. What started as a hobby has now become a major business. If you want to take inspiration from the best travel brands worldwide, Kunzum is definitely a blog to follow. 


If you are ever stressed about your future, YourStory.com is where you should turn. This is one space where you get to learn about the best leaders. If you want to opt for a startup, this blog is your go-to blog. 

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The main aim of the blog was to inspire people. While it focuses on startups, it also focuses on promoting women’s power. The editor-in-chief and founder of Yourstory, Shardha Sharma, focuses on promoting women’s empowerment. 

In today’s time, the blog has great value. The main income source of the blog is Adsense. It deals with different topics such as business guidelines and entrepreneurship. So, if you ever feel down in life someday, make sure to bookmark YourStory.com. 

Amit Bhawani Blog

You must have heard about Amit Bhawani Blog. After all, who wouldn’t? Because he is the richest blogger in India. Honestly, all the top bloggers start as tech writers. 

Famous Indian Blogs
Source: twitter

The blog began in 2005. Although he suffered ups and downs, his blog soon hit it off. After that, he launched PhoneRadar in 2014. The blog majorly focuses on all mobile phone topics. 

Now he is one tech blogger who is also in love with traveling. So, if you want to learn about his travels, you should consider reading TripRazer. In his blog, he also mentions his traveling tips. 


Shout Me Loud is one of the fastest-growing blogs by Harsh Agrawal. Within a concise period, Shout Me Loud brought about major success. If you’re into blogging, you should follow this blog. 

This blog is meant for young entrepreneurs. If you want to learn about different topics such as WordPress tips, SEO, and blogging, this blog is for you. The blog was launched in 2008. It focuses on all the major fundamentals of blogging. 

Harsh Agrawal does all the activities you notice in Shout Me Loud. If you want to learn how to make money online, Shout Me Loud should be your go-to blog. After all, learning from experienced ones will help you succeed ahead in life. 


Individuals preferring to start their career in interior design should definitely read Trumatter. Rukmini Ray Kadam launched this design blog in 2009. She is the best one to take inspiration from because her flat speaks about it. 

Famous Indian Blogs
Source: Trumatter

In her blog, she talks about tips and tricks. If you’re living in Mumbai, you are already familiar with the struggles of living in a small apartment. She deals with decor and DIY ideas.

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Her blog’s topic makes it easy for you to read. Furthermore, she brings affordable tips and tricks. Her tips and tricks are the major reason why Trumatter became so popular. Furthermore, she has also been featured in various famous publications around the country. Apart from that, she has also won many awards. 

Bowties and Bones

If you want to follow men’s fashion blogs, you should definitely give Bowties and Bones a try. Allen Claudius is the founder. GQ India is one of the most popular magazines. So, to receive a feature in that is a huge thing for a fashion blogger. 

Bowties and Bones is a fashion blog that follows culture and travel stories. His blog deals with Film reviews, styling tips, travel stories, and more. Furthermore, he also collaborates with other creative people to bring forth exciting and interesting reviews. 


Cash Overflow by Pardeep Goyal aims at providing financial advice to everyone. If you’re looking to achieve financial freedom and learn more about online marketing and finance, you should consider following Cash Overflow. 

Source: CashOverFlow

If you’re not into reading blogs, you should consider following some of his interviews. Honestly, you can benefit a lot from it. The blog topics deal with making money, financial freedom, and more. The main source of income for Pardeep Goyal is affiliate marketing, selling products, consulting, and more. 

Archana’s Kitchen

If you’re an ardent lover of food, you should give Archana’s Kitchen a try. Archana Doshi is the most famous food blogger in India. She started off as a catering business, but soon her blog hit it off. She also has a YouTube channel that has more than millions of views. 

Final Thoughts

No matter which niche you start your blog in, you need to follow everyone. This will help you understand the writing style, what caters to the audience, and more. If you start from a broader perspective, you can eventually niche down. But, always make sure to read the famous Indian blogs. 

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