5 Ways to Gain Backlinks Without Guest Posting

Gain Backlinks

Backlinks are incoming links to a website or webpage. When the webpage links to any other page, it is referred to as a backlink. Pages online with a lot of gain backlinks rank higher with significant search engines, including Google.

There are other ways of gaining backlinks without guest posting, but you need to expand your link building efforts in order to do so. There needs to be a plan for using the practical strategies that can be used for gaining backlinks. This post will highlight practical strategies that can be used. Take a look at five ways you can obtain and gain backlinks without guest posting. 

  1. Create Content 

There are two forms of content, long-form and short-form, long-form content gets shared more online than short-form. Create content that matters in the right format. Videos that are posted to social media get shared more than text and images. If you want to get more high-quality backlinks without guest posting, you need to be creating content in the right formats that get noticed. Material online that tends to generate shares and links include infographics, videos, “how-to” blog posts, list posts, and quizzes. 

  1. Acquire Links Through Webinars

Educational, panel, and product webinars are relevant and will have people sign up if you are creating the correct content and adequately promoting your webinar. Use your webinar to generate links by:

  • Create high-quality webinars of massive value to people 
  • Add webinar signup and download to your website and make it is easily shareable
  • Add description and information about webinar to your website and make this information shareable as well
  • Link useful sources, like resources and guides, and infographics and make them shareable
  • At the end of your webinar thank people for attending and mention your URL
  1. Obtain Broken Links
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You can obtain backlinks without guest posting by finding broken links on Domain Authority websites. Browse articles and sites that are relevant to your needs and make an offer to the webmaster to replace any broken links with links to your content. You need to make sure that your content is relevant and of high-quality, so that webmasters will want to link to your content. 

  1. Form Topic Clusters

Topic clusters is an effective search engine optimization (SEO) that will help create more linkable content. The way forming topic clusters work is picking an umbrella topic, then create main, or pillar pages for the topic. Then you will develop a series of sub-topic pages that link back to your pillar page. Your subtopic pages will be shorter and are related to your main topic. Topic clustering helps boost your internal linking and creates higher-quality content that other people can share and link to. 

  1. Master Promotion

Getting better at promoting your content will help with seeing better results. It will take dedicating more time, but being able to improve your content masterfully will help with backlinking. Promoting yourself on the right channels will ensure that you are heard and that the links will come into your site. 

Final Thoughts

Acquiring backlinks will be a challenge and require dedicated time, but there are lots of ways to gain backlinks without guest posting. As you are working on learning more backlinks, it is essential to monitor your results and make the correct changes as you move forward. Use reputation management companies on digitalexits.com.

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