A Better Way of Cleaning with a Bidet

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Have you heard of the bidet?

Bidet is a low-to-ground basin that sits beside the toilet; used to clean private parts. The advanced technology and the rise of smart homes have caused bidet to become modern and functional now.

This bathroom fixture is perfect for those who want to keep themselves hygienic. The use of a paper towel alone to clean your genitalia area is not enough. With a bidet, you can wash your private parts without needing to take a shower. For that reason, it saves water and reduces the use of toilet paper.

Different Types of Bidet

There are different types of bidet out in the market that you should know first.

  • Stand Alone Bidet: This type of bidet is popular in Europe and in several homes in Japan. It is the original bidet, made of ceramic and resembles a toilet but without a lid and a reservoir. They are usually the ones you see in a hotel, commonly placed beside the toilet.
  • Bidet Sprayers: These are hand-held bidet sprayers that have T-valve and a hose connected to the waterline. It looks like a kitchen faucet with metal features. Since it is hand-held, you are the one who will control the direction of the spray.
  • Bidet Attachments: It is attached to an existing bowl under the seat. They are popular in the United States. It has no electrical power, which is why it is the least expensive and has the fewest features. 
  • Bidet Seats: It is like a bidet attachment; the difference is that you have to change the toilet seat. The spray is inside and below the toilet seat, but it works perfectly fine since it can extend enough. Some of these are power-operated and have a remote control so that you can select your preferred cleaning method.
  • Traveller’s Bidet: It is a portable bidet made of a small bottle that has water or a solution inside. It comes with an attached tube and nozzle. This kind of bidets is suitable for travellers and those with disabilities.
  • Toilets with Bidet: Similar to bidet seats, but it is built-in. It is the most improved style of bidets out there. It makes it look seamless and multifunctional since you’ll be having a toilet and a bidet in one compartment. It is the most expensive type and has multiple cleaning method features. Varieties like the TOTO bidet offer a wide range of this collection.
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How to use a bidet

Today, the bidet is one of the essential bathroom features that you should have. It makes your living easier, safe, and hygienic. Before you purchase one, here is a run-down of how you are to use it. 

  • Use a bidet after you have urinated or defecated. 
  • Sit comfortably or straddle your one leg facing the bidet controllers.
  • Do not forget to adjust bidet controllers. If not, it will shock you. Slowly change the control to make water flow, and change the temperature to your desire.
  • Bidets require you to fill the basin and wash the genitalia manually. 
  • Others have a water jet like the TOTO bidet, which does the washing for you. 
  • Make sure you are sitting proportional to the spray. 
  • Dry yourself with a towel or toilet paper.

Who doesn’t want a clean private area? Washing it with water removes bacteria better. It is comfortable and gentle to your skin, saves you water, very hygienic (especially expecting moms), easy to use, and provides better cleaning.

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