What does HML Mean (HML Slang)

what does hml mean

Imagine you are amidst a conversation with your friend and he uses the term HML. If you are unaware of the term you will probably act like a stupid or will end the conversation there.  Stay cool and read on to find out what does HML mean. (stlucysvision.com)

HML is a widely used acronym. We primarily use HML while chatting. This internet slang can have different meanings depending on the type of conversation. The expression can stand for hate my life or hit my line or many other phrases.

Know the origin of HML

In 2000 HML which stands for hate my life originates on the internet as a negative complement of lml or love my life or lighter counterpart of fml or fuck my life. The slang acronym is on Urban dictionary from 2006 and is appearing on Twitter from 2008. HML is spreading on social media as a hashtag in the 2010s.

Now HML, which stands for hit my line is available from 2010. Mostly this slang means call me on the phone. You can find this acronym in the Urban dictionary by 2010.

Let’s explain two different meanings of HML

Undoubtedly, finding the exact meaning of HML or decode the message instantly is quite a difficult task to do. Read this to see how to recognize the exact meaning of the acronym HML in real-life texting or social-media comments.

Hit my line:

People use HML as it hit my line when he or she is texting with any other person over messages, and they feel that it would be best to talk over the phone. In that situation, he might tell any individual to HML or hit my line.

Example of hit my line:

‘HML me when you find time to talk.’

‘HML before you start writing.’

Hate my life:

People often use this HML to express their negative feelings whenever an unwanted or unfortunate event happens. They may use this acronym to show how they are feeling in this situation.

Example of hate my life:

My car broke down, oh, HML’.

‘I am working in the office this summer vacation, oh HML.’

Hurting myself laughing:

When people find any matter funny, he uses this HML to express the strange feelings.

Example of hurting myself laughing:

‘I can’t believe he can do it, HML.’

Alternate meanings of HML also are there

  1. Help me, lord.
  2. Higher mass limits.
  3. Human-machine language.
  4. Human Media lab.
  5. High schooling mailing first.
  6. Heavy metal lover.
  7. High medium-low.

How can you identify which meaning of HML someone is using?

Hate my life and hit my line, two phrases are entirely different from each other. Hence it’s essential to identify the right one.

Just ask a few questions yourself when you see this acronym, but you are not sure about its exact meaning.

  • If someone asking for any information or request

If you find out that someone is asking for any information from you and hence want you to involve in calling or messaging, then most probably this is hit my line.

  • Are they talking about any present situation?

If someone is asking you for help on that particular situation and he is explaining the situation to you. Then HML here stands for hit my line.

  • If they are sharing any negative experience with you

In case someone is chatting with you and talking about any unpleasant and unfortunate thing he has just faced in his life, then hate my life is making more sense here.

  • If you can sense any negativity in their text

Not necessarily every time a person will tell you their negative experience in detail. Sometimes somehow you can figure it out in their messages. In that case, hate my life is more likely to be said as HML.

The audience of HML phrases

Generally, people use this phrase on social media as a response to the everyday setback. They can also use it to express frustration. Particularly hate my life is used to express a negative feeling but not the end of the world.

Sometimes HML is used as #HML or #hate my life. In the other side, hit my line is used by the people on social media to involve any individual in calling at that particular moment. Some people use it when he is showing romantic interest to someone and wants to continue the conversation overcall.

Another acronym we use very often is HMU. We often use this phrase while chatting on social media to engage them with us through messaging or phone calls. MHU is also a common acronym and you should know HMU meaning before using it on your text messages.

Here are some common examples of HML uses

Uses of Example1:

HML is quite popular on Facebook. When two people are chatting in instant messages, they can use it to communicate with each other.

Person A: I’ll be in my city next month.

Person B: Ok, HML, after getting back.

Person A: Sure and please HML if you are going for any trip at that time.

Person B: Yes.

Uses of Example 2:

You can also use HML while asking or requesting someone to do something with that person.

Hey, feeling lonely, please HML.

In the above sentence, one person is asking somebody for an invitation to do something.

The sentence here means the person has nothing to do now, and he is feeling bored; hence, he wants to do something together.

Uses of HML Example 3:

The day is too dull. Can anybody please HML?

In the sentence mentioned above, the person has no pressing reason to share, but he is feeling bored and want someone to join him or her to explore some fun.

This acronym is specially written on the groups or pages on Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp so that many people can see this post and can send funny jokes or funny videos which may make his mood better. Sometimes people wonder about the exact meaning of HML. Nevertheless, it is straightforward. Just a person wants to stay connected with another individual or a group of people on social media to avoid his boredom.

Uses of HML Example 4:

I got the free passes for the live concert. Anyone who wants to go can HML.

In the above sentence, the person wants to inform everyone that he has got a free pass for the concert, anyone who is interested in it can contact him.

HML meaning on Instagram

More than 3 million people use HML on Instagram. So check out what does HML mean on Instagram. Check the examples below.

HML on Instagram example 1:

Person 1: I will join my office some days later.

Person 2: Ok, good. HML.

In this sentence, one person wants to tell that he will join his office after some days and the second person wants to ask him to hit him up when he enters.

HML on Instagram example 2:

John: Hey! HML when you are ready for the party.

Smith: sure!

In the above sentence, John requests Smith to hit him up once Smith is ready for the party.

HML meaning while texting

HML is a popular internet acronym. It is famous for texting on Facebook or instant messaging to say someone to get in touch with the concerned person after a particular time. HML became accessible from 2010. Near about half a million people use the term per day while texting. It is one of the youngest slang.

Check the example of HML uses on Instagram:

Kim: Hey, where are you?

Karim: In my hometown.

Kim: Ok. HML asap. I have something to show you.

Difference between HML and Other similar abbreviations [ex.- HMU]

When you are using HML as hit my line and HMU as hit me up, both of the terms look similar. However, they are not. In this case, this HML or hit my line means someone who wants to approach a person to involve him in call immediately. Now when someone is using HML then he also wants to contact someone to communicate with him but not right now or maybe sometimes later.

Now when HML is used as hate my life. In this case, the person wants to share any negative experience that he had faced.

Importance of HML

When you are writing any huge post, or you have to send a message to the multiple contacts, then writing the full sentences are confusing. Here you can use the terms HML to save your time, and these are also understandable as semi-common acronyms.

Advantages of using HML

People often use these two acronyms to

  • Reduce the speaking duration during the conversation.
  • Decrease the number of words per page.
  • People also use those terms to create confusion.
  • Some also use to make an inclusion feeling for those who can understand the phrases.
  • You can also use it to make a sentence fresh and unique.

HML has the right sides and wrong sides as well.

Disadvantages of using HML

  • If you have made a personal meaning on your own for HML then you need to remember the phrase.
  • If you make meaning on your own, then no one can understand the phrase unless you tell them.
  • Sometimes people feel offended when they regularly get messages where these words are used, and they don’t know the exact meaning.
  • Sudden use of HML can also create a miss-communication in groups or personal messaging.

These disadvantages are there, but the advantages are more. There are also some semi-common meanings of HML which is easily understandable.

Clear the confusion about HML

If you are facing problem during chatting due to the presence of slang like HML, then we are here to help you out.

To know the exact meaning of the phrase, then you should start finding the meaning of each letter. Then you can add the implications together and build up the sentence.

You can also make acronyms on your own as it is a hilarious task to do.

Apart from HML, there are some other acronyms available which we use while texting. Let us know the exact meaning of those slangs.



To be updated, you need to know all the tricks and hacks of social media texting. For this reason, you also need to know what does HML mean. So that you can understand the text and can text back by using those short terms. Let us know in the comment box, how this guide has helped you?

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