How do casinos get an Indian license?

casinos get an Indian license

It is not only Indian casinos that can apply for an Indian license. Also, international casinos that may be based in Malta or in another country are welcome to apply for a license, and can easily get it. It just requires that they live up to the rules we have here in India. So even though Bet365 is an English gambling provider and comes from Sweden, they can easily get a license in India if they live up to the legislation we have. It is a really good thing, because there are many good and law-abiding game providers in many other countries than India, who play at home of course not to be kept away from. However, we believe that it is a good solution for you to show your willingness to meet the requirements of our legislation, which is a little tighter than in many other EU countries. We should only be happy about that. Also, when a new good online casino comes to the country.

We are often asked whether the gaming license is unique to India or whether it is something you have in all other countries as well. The answer is that it is not unique to India, but it is absolutely not something that all other countries have. If you start by looking at Europe, then there is an overall EU license to offer games. In many countries, this license is sufficient for gambling. For example, with this EU license one can provide online casino in countries such as Germany, Finland and many more. In other countries, on the other hand, as in India, there is a requirement that you have a specific license for that country as an additional measure. In countries such as India, Great Britain and several others, on the other hand, there are requirements for licensing the specific country. It varies a lot, but generally speaking, there is a sense behind having a license in India, and it is because the EU license in some particular EU countries is a little too easy to get hold of.

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Many Online Cricket Betting ID have their EU license issued in countries like Cyprus, Gibraltar or Malta, and they do so because these countries have a very liberal gambling legislation. Down there it is incredibly easy to get a gambling license compared to in India, and for this reason many of the international casinos hold a license from here. Because it opens up the possibility for them to offer games in many EU countries, which simply require a license from an EU country before they can be allowed as gambling operators. However, as I said, it is not quite as simple in India, and it is a good thing from a security point of view. And then, of course, there is the taxation of the gains. We will discuss this much more later.

It can be really difficult for many online players to find their way around the vast jungle of online casinos with Indian license, and therefore we have chosen to help you a little on the way. We have prepared a complete and perfectly clear Indian casino guide with a list of all the Indian casinos that are equipped with the indian license by the Indian Gambling Authority. In other words, you no longer have to look for the indian licensed online casino yourself, but instead you can simply click on our overview and spend your time playing an entertaining and maybe even winning online game at one of your favorite online casinos.

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