How Long Does a Commercial Roof Last on Average?

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Did you know that the roofing industry is predicted to grow by $5.3 million in the next few years? With this type of growth, it’s common to assume that roofs are being fixed and replaced at a high level.

Do you have a commercial roof and are wondering how much life is left in it? In this article, we’ll dive into how long a commercial roof lasts, and the different types. Read on to explore whether you have a roof that’s supposed to last for years to come, or have one that you’ll want to replace fast.

Common Roofing Material

You can expect a commercial roof lifespan to vary from 10-40 years depending on the type you choose. For example, thermoplastic olefin (TPO) can last as little as 10 years, but a metal roof can last up to 45!

Thermoplastic Olefin

The average roof lifespan of a TPO roof can be 10-20, but up to 20-30 years. You can often find them on warehouses, office complexes, and shopping centers.

Have regular maintenance done on your roof so that it can last longer. If you choose to update your roof, it can live past 30 years.


Metal roofs are long-lasting if you take regular care of your metal roof. It can make your roof energy efficient. The length of time it’ll last comes down to your roof’s slope, and the finish on the metal roof.


Solar roofs are a newer option for those who are environmentally conscious. When you’re looking to conserve energy, solar roofs are a great option. They have the potential to last 25 years or more.


Another term for silicon is what’s known as a spray-on roof. It’s a spray-on solution made from converting silicon. This is an expensive option and can last up to 20 years.

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What Factors Affect the Average Roof Lifespan?

There are many factors that go into how long your roof will last, not just the type. The weather where you live will have an effect on the longevity of your roof for example.


There’s no control over the weather, but you should pick out your commercial roof based on the weather in your area. Do you live in a cold and snowy area? How about an area that gets hit by hurricanes?

The natural elements such as snow, wind, and rain can impact the strength and longevity of your roof. Even if the weather where you live is sunny year-round, certain roof types can be impacted by this. If you know a storm is coming through, make sure that you take the steps necessary to protect your commercial roof.


When you choose a good company to install your roof properly, you’ll have a better chance of a long-lasting roof. Never hire a company without a license or experience to back them up.


You should always make sure your building is properly ventilated. You should ensure that you have circulation going through your building to prevent moisture. Without ventilation, your roofing material will become weaker over time.


When you have a flatter roof, water is more likely to pool on it. If water doesn’t have a way to slope off of your roof, it’ll stay in the spot until it evaporates.

How To Extend the Lifespan of a Commercial Roof?

Don’t wait until you see signs of roof damage to have regular maintenance for your roof. If you do see damage, you’ll want to have a qualified roofing professional come and take a look. If you find any leakage or damage, you need roof leak repair instantly.

When you have a roofer come every year to check your roof, they’ll take a look and see if you have any leaks, and let you know about any actions you’ll want to take. You’ll also want to consider having a roof coating done.

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When you use a roof coating, it’ll extend your roof’s life, and keep it fresh. When you have an established roofer come to do the roof coating, they’ll also do maintenance to ensure that no repairs or weaknesses are found.

How To Find a High-Quality Roofer?

You’ll want to find a reliable roofer who you can rely for flat roof replacement Vaughan. First, when you look online, take a look at different reviews and references they have.

You can also check out the Better Business Bureau and see if they’re BBB accredited. That’s also a great way to see if there are any complaints against the company.

Before deciding on one contractor, it’s a good idea to talk to a few. Ask them for an estimate. Don’t be tempted to go with the lowest, you want to go with the highest quality.

The requirements for roofers vary by state, and if you’re not sure about your state, you can research online. Ask the potential roofers for proof of their credentials and experience.

You can also ask for references from previous jobs that are similar to yours. Make sure that they handle commercial roofs as well, and not just residential. Before you agree, read the contract front to back.

If they promise a warranty, make sure that you read that as well. You’ll want the warranty to last at least a few years in case something goes wrong, and you need them to take a look.

Exploring How Long Commercial Roofs Last

Now that you’ve explored how long commercial roofs last, you should be well on your way to deciding how much life your roof has left to it. Would you like to learn more about lifestyle tips? For everything from how hard it is to learn Chinese to caring for aging parents, check out our other articles today.

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