How to get a new Gas Connection?

new Gas Connection

Offline procedure to get a new gas connection: 

  • All you have to do is, visit your nearest gas dealer or any office. 
  • Take an application form for a new gas connection from the office. 
  • Then you have to fill the application form and submit it in the agency with all the required documents asked for it. 
  • Then you will receive a call for confirmation and verification of your request. 
  • After they finish the registration, A receipt will be given to you in your name where registration date will be mentioned. Post this verification of all your documents will be done in detail and then a message will arrive if you are eligible for the Gas connection or not. 
  • If the verification is successful then your application will be processed within 4-5 working days. 

Online procedure to get a new gas connection:

  • First log in the website of the company you want the connection of. 
  • Select the option of ‘New user’, add all the details asked like name and contact details to register. 
  • Then you will receive an SMS on the registered mobile number which will ensure that your registration process. 
  • This will also have all your login details for you to login the account. 
  • Fill the form will all the required details and then submit the form. 
  • There is also a request to submit other documents (supporting documents)  or you can also chose to submit it directly to your nearest gas connection distributor. 
  • When the registration is done you will receive all the procedure updates online and a notification when the registration is done. 
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Documents required to get a Gas connection

  • Aadhaar card 
  • Driving license 
  • Lease agreement 
  • Recent telephone, water or electricity bills
  • Passport 
  • LIC policy 
  • Statement issued by the bank House registration document 
  • Bank passbook

How long does it take for a new gas connection? 

If you go through the online procedure, which is highly being used these days, then all the procedure and verification will be done within 48 hours of time. Then any nearest distributor of the LPG connection you have selection will come and hand over a new connection to you doorstep. The process has been made easier now compared to the one where people has to travel all the way till the agency or distributor. It is also a new development in the use of technology which saves your travel time and money. It was also a step to increase digital medium more than paper work. 

How many connection can one household have

As per control of Order of Ministry of Petroleum & Natural gas (MOPNG), there can only be one gas connection per household. Multiple connections are not allowed permitted to any household and one must terminate it immediately if they possess it. Some executives of the LPG connection company say that oil marketing firms can have two connection if they show that there two running kitchens in the firm and this is one such exception. 

How to change name on Gas connection? 

If in case the transferee in your family does not have an LPG connection, You may provide to your distributor with the following documents

  • KYC of the transferee
  • Your address and identity proofs
  • Original subscription voucher (SV) in your Name  (if in case your SV is missing then you must provide an affidavit) 
  • Deceleration from the transferee. 
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Can bank statement be used as proof of address?

Yes in some cases or in some brands, a bank statement is accepted as proof of residence and a gas connection is provided.  Just make sure you provide them with the most recent bank statement. 

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