How to Stake Plants in your garden?

In order to maintain your garden, you should stake certain plants from time to time. There are various plants in the garden which might grow large in size and these plants would need more support in order to keep the stems from being broken. If you find any plant with more than two feet tall, then it is the time to stake down those plants otherwise they can get beaten down due to heavy rains or winds. There is a wide range of staking options and procedure among which you can choose the one which seems perfect for you.

When you own a small garden, then you can stake every single plant properly. By using tobacco sticks, rebar, chicken fencing, and other things, you can stake the plants properly. When you are planning to have a large garden, then you might find out that there are some plants which are really heavy. So, you can use the multiple numbers of stakes for them. If you will get the individual stake for every plant, then it can be really costly for you.

Which plants need to be staked?

You don’t need to stake every plant which is in your garden but there are certain plants which definitely need staking. You can use a stake for peas, peppers, pumpkins, blackberries, pole beans, gourds, and many more vine plants. You need to make sure that you grow smaller stakes so that those won’t break down due to the weight of pumpkins.

Things to remember while staking

When you are staking the plants, then you should use sturdy material so that it can support the plant properly. You should use the durable materials with which it would be really easy to stake plants. If the plant is big, then you should decide the height of that plant and then you can use the stake according to it. Whenever you plant tomatoes or peas type plants, you should do staking in the beginning otherwise there might be a great problem.

Almost every plant need a different type of support and you should get the slim poles for the plants like pole beans otherwise you can use the cage type stake for tomato plants. When you are staking plants, you need to stay careful as doing a mistake can ruin the whole purpose of staking. Always choose the soft material when you tie the stake to plant so that the plant doesn’t get damaged. You can use the string to tie the plants and when you will use something tough to tie your plants with a stake, and then it can definitely damage the plant instead of protecting and securing it. You can also take help of the gardening experts to get this work done efficiently.

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