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a PEO Service

Outsourcing recruitment to a PEO service is a common way of increasing quality new hires and reaching more candidates in less time. Job positions tend to open and fill quickly, with the employment field being extremely competitive. To attract talented candidates, you need to have attractive offers. 

A PEO company can help you in attracting top talent that, as a small business, you might not be able to afford on your own. A PEO service will also be able to offer additional services, including recruiting assistance and access to professional recruiters who can help find the best candidates for your employment needs. 

PEO stands for professional employer organization, and they help small or medium-sized businesses with managing human resources tasks such as payroll, accessing benefits, and other employee-related administration needs. 

When you outsource PEO companies for small business. you can increase your quality of new hires by using their recruiting services. Below are other ways a PEO service can help you recruit for your business. 

Extend Networking Reach

Many new hires are discovered through networking, not job boards, which means that talented candidates may not know that your business is hiring if you aren’t using the right connections. A PEO company has a much broader network that individuals’ activities and can leverage their reach to help find quality candidates for your job opening. 

Cutting Costs

A PEO helps alleviate the burden of recruiting from your shoulders. A PEO saves you the cost of maintaining an internal recruiting team. A professional employer organization makes the process of hiring more efficient and decreases the time to fill the open positions, which saves you money in recruiting costs and loss of productivity.

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Handle Salary Negotiations

The process of negotiating salaries can set the tone for the expectations for employees further down the road and for the employee’s approval with their job. The PEO service works closely with your payroll, benefits, budgets, and position requirements and has the correct insight into your business when working through salary negotiations with new hires. 

Facilitate Onboarding

Onboarding employees is a process that prepares your employees for how the business works and communicates your expectations, culture, missions, and values. Having correct onboarding practices helps employees understand their role with the company and helps them in becoming productive quicker when they are handled effectively. A PEO service will work closely with new hires to navigate with starting a new job, from filling out paperwork, training, and accessing handbooks and procedures. 

Guarantee Compliance

There are compliance consequences that need to be observed when recruiting candidates. Dealing with salary and benefits offerings, interviews, background checks, onboarding new employees, and scheduling is all part of the recruiting process. A PEO service you have partnered will be up to date with recruiting requirements and can guarantee that the hiring practices will meet state and federal guidelines for your business.  

Improve Candidate Experience

Having encouraging experiences with candidates improves your brands’ image.  Negative experiences affect employee satisfaction and retention. When you outsource your recruiting to a PEO service, you can simplify administrative tasks, so candidates are not waiting for a long time while you complete the next steps in the recruiting process.


A PEO service can be a beneficial partnership for a small business or start-up who is looking to grow but needs help with the HR and administrative part of their company. By partnering with a PEO service, you have resources for recruiting, benefits, and HR specialists at your disposal at all times.

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