Why is my HP Printer not Printing Color Correctly

hp printer not printing

A possible reason for not printing is that all print jobs are stuck in print queue. All failed print jobs can cause an issue while printing it will show you an error that this is not printing. Please clear all print jobs so that your printer can smoothly function. 

A wireless printer does not print appropriately if the printer is not connected well to the wifi. You need to cross-check that wifi and router are connected well with each other and the print jobs are carried out seamlessly. Printing a wireless test report from the printer allows you to clear the print, now it has been reset again for printing.

Another reason why your printer is not printing is that the printer ink but the internal contacts of the printer may be dirty. If you do not get the print of the text in any of the color delete the printer and reinstall the printer and its drivers so that you can resume printing. 

If your printer prints blank pages remove all ink cartridges reinstall those cartridges, reset the printer. Then fire a test print now check whether the printer works and prints the test document appropriately. If not this means the cartridges require a replacement or there is some hardware related issue. 

Another issue faced while printing could be the printer fails to print in colored ink is unavailable for printing. You need to check the ink levels too. You can reinstall the cartridge this will help you to print well.

You can reinstall the pdf software change the default software, print the pdf file from the printer, please test printing with a different pdf file. Print another pdf file as an image. This way you will be able to print pdf documents.

The printer does not recognize the ink cartridge because it’s not clicked properly, the printing chip is dirty or faulty, and the chip contacts in the printer are damaged. The simple reason why an ink cartridge is not recognized is because the printer driver is not installed correctly. Another reason is the cartridge is not clicked properly. 

The other reasons for hp printer not printing black are the following, you may experience a paper jam, printer driver is outdated ink levels are very low. The printer toner is empty; Windows operating system and printer are not compatible with each other. USB cable is not connected properly or the wireless printing is not installed with your mobile and other devices. These reasons commonly give birth to the error “hp printer is not printing.”

Please check ink cartridges in case they are over please refill the ink. A soft cloth can be used to gently clean the print head and the tray of the printer. (onlinepharmacyreviews.net) If your printer runs out of paper you need to reload the tray and resume printing once again. Please check the printer spooler window to be able to resume the printing jobs. The printer spooler option is available in the run window. Right-click on the start printer spooler service option this will rectify the error occurring once its gives you a clear message that the printer is now ready for printing means that all errors in the print command and print queue have been eradicated. 

From the printer properties view the printer’s tray selection, choose the right tray selection please check whether the correct tray has been selected. Ensure the paper length loaded in the tray is matching the paper length loaded in the tray. If your printer is unable to print black the best way to resolve the issue is to remove the cartridge clean the print head you can either auto clean the print head or manually clean the print head. The only drawback in auto cleaning is that it uses a lot of ink.    

Heavy-duty printing causes the print head to be clogged. This can result in the print not being able to print. You need to ensure the printer is able to recognize the cartridges. To do this try printing from alternate cartridges if you are able to print this means the cartridges are installed correctly in the printer. 

Empty cartridges need to be replaced, please check whether the cartridge vents are clogged or clean as clogged vents will cause of hindrance for you while printing. The power supply should be transmitted to the printer at all times as the fluctuating power supply will cause a hindrance. The security tape must remove while installation of the cartridge.  

If the user is running that printhead cleaning feature once it does not work then the user can again for the second time and third time and there is no limit for this and how many times the user can run that automatic running feature. There is the benefit of the users and there will be no problem for the user and the user should not be mentioned the running the automatic printhead cleaning function that uses a lot of ink.

Now realign printer and for hp printer, the user can find this option on the printer that is showing on the display screen.

In this article, we read about the solution of hp printer not printing black text ink on the paper and we explained all the solutions and the cause of it and if after that the user does not get the satisfaction then the user can call on hp printer support number that will guide the customer in a better way.

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