Island Getaway: 7 Key Things to Do in the Florida Keys

island getaway

Do you want to embark on an exciting island getaway without ever leaving the country?

The Florida Keys are the perfect solution to this desire. These beautiful islands are full of interesting activities and exotic sights that turn any vacation into something spectacular. There are fun activities suitable for everyone which makes it a great place to spend with friends and family.

Uncertain what awaits you on these islands? Keep reading to learn more about what you could be doing during your Florida Keys trip!

1. Helicopter Tour

One of the biggest attractions is the unique scenery found at the Keys. You’ll never tire of the clear blue waters and vibrant greenery around every corner.

The best way to see everything these islands have to offer is to get a higher view. Helicopter tours are an exciting way to see the sights that are impossible to see on the ground. You’ll have an opportunity to take pictures that’ll amaze all of your friends back home.

It’s a breathtaking experience that sets the tone for the rest of your vacation. Before you come to visit, make sure to learn more about helicopter tours by clicking here!

2. Go Snorkeling

Similar to going above to see things from a different perspective, it’s also important to go below to find the hidden scenic treasures of the ocean. Snorkeling is a fun activity that allows you to see all of these iconic sights for yourself without any special equipment.

It’s amazing to swim among the coral reefs and schools of fish, to watch as the wildlife goes about its day. You’ll feel as though you’ve been transported to a whole new world as you take in all of the bright colors.

The best part is that the waters are crystal clear and easy to traverse. Plus, you don’t need any training to go snorkeling which makes it one of the top outdoor activities everyone needs to try!

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3. Ride a Steamboat

Have you ever been on a steamboat before? Do you know anyone who’s been on a steamboat?

These charming boats call back to a bygone era and there’s a famous one awaiting you at the Keys. Known as the African Queen, this boat starred in a movie back in 1951.

The cool thing about this steamboat is that it offers a more intimate experience. You’ll get to talk to the crew and even try your hand at the wheel.

If you’re someone who loves the idea of going on a cruise but hates the idea of crowds, this steamboat is the answer to your problem. It doesn’t seat as many people as a typical cruise liner but still has that luxurious feel that we all crave. You’ll coast on the beautiful waters in ultimate luxury tourism without a care in the world while the wind brushes across your face as you sip your mimosa.

4. Visit Wildlife Sanctuaries

One of the best Keys vacation ideas is to go around and visit all of the wildlife sanctuaries available on the islands. It’s the perfect choice for animal lovers.

For example, there’s the Butterfly and Nature Conservatory. In this glass sanctuary, you’ll observe over 60 different types of beautiful butterflies as they thrive in the habitat. The butterflies are the main attraction, but there are other exhibits to visit and even a shop full of keepsakes.

There’s also the Turtle Hospital if you’re looking for a unique way to interact with the wildlife. This organization works with rehabilitating injured turtles and is happy to give lectures and demonstrations. After the educational part, you’ll have a chance to get close to the turtle residents of this hospital and even feed them!

5. Explore an Underwater Park

Although the Florida Keys have many parks to explore, none is as interesting or unique as the John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park. This park has plenty of places above the water which allow you to picnic or relax in the tropical scenery. However, it’s under the water where you’ll find the real attractions.

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With many shipwrecks, countless colorful seashells, and thriving natural habitats, this park never runs out of things to offer its guests.

If you prefer a less in-your-face view of these interesting sights, don’t worry. This park also hosts glass-bottomed boat tours that allow you to see down into the depths without ever getting your clothes wet.

6. Swim With Dolphins

Few animals are as loved as dolphins, with their sleek beauty and clever intelligence. Some people dream of the day they get to swim and interact with these fun-loving creatures. In the Florida Keys, this dream becomes a reality.

Many places throughout these islands offer opportunities to get into the water with trained dolphins. Some places focus on the swimming aspect while others go through training exercises so that you’ll help the dolphin perform tricks.

No matter your expertise in swimming, there’s a way to interact with dolphins in the Keys. It’s an experience you’ll remember for a lifetime!

7. Dine on Tropical Cuisine

Throughout your vacation, you’ll get to sample all kinds of interesting foods you can’t get at home. Tropical cuisine tastes even better when you’re surrounded by gorgeous island scenery so you’re getting the best of both worlds.

Try a Key West Pink Shrimp or some Hogfish. Conch fritters are always a hit and the spiny lobster is succulent. Don’t forget to finish the meal with a sweet slice of Key Lime Pie!

If you prefer the food comforts of home, there are plenty of options for that as well. The Keys are still a part of America so there’s never an end to the less exotic but still delicious meals that you crave!

Visit the Florida Keys for the Perfect Island Getaway

If you’ve ever dreamed of going on an island getaway, then why not indulge in that fantasy by visiting the Florida Keys? With all of these exciting activities waiting for you, it’ll be a vacation you’ll never forget!

Make sure to check out the rest of our Travels section for even more ways to get the most out of your vacation!

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