Top Destinations for Solo Travelers

Solo Travelers

Traveling alone is an exciting adventure for almost everyone—no one to argue with about where to eat dinner or what attractions to see with Solo Travelers. Everything is in your hands, and since you’re only paying for yourself, it can be more affordable as well!

Traveling solo gives you more opportunities to get outside of your comfort zone and experience new things. But where should you go?

There are many options, and it all depends on what you love to do. Here are some of the top destinations for those traveling alone.

Beaver Creek, Colorado

If you love the outdoors and want to explore the mountains of Colorado, Beaver Creek is one of the best places Cupertino apartments for rent to do so. This mountain village will give you world-class skiing, horseback riding, and hiking. There is a free shuttle service anywhere within the resort, so you can get to anything you’d like.

There’s incredible food, spa services, hiking, biking, and skiing. You won’t regret choosing this mountain getaway as your next vacation spot!

Paris, France

If you’re looking for international flair, Paris is a perfect getaway. The city is incredibly walkable, making it easy to get around without needing a car or special driving permit. The metro and bus systems are also easy to use, so you can get to all of the best museums without breaking a sweat.

You can take tours at historical sites, take in fantastic artwork at the Louvre, or simply enjoy a leisurely stroll along the Seine. Paris is a great place to travel Solo Travelers

San Diego, California

California is America’s land of sun and surf, and San Diego is one of the best places to enjoy it. It’s a large city with many attractions, but you’re also close to a variety of ways to enjoy nature. ( Grab a narrated bus tour, hang out at La Jolla, or hike up Cowles Mountain. You can also learn how to surf, explore Balboa Park, and much more.

Asheville, North Carolina

On America’s other coast, you can explore a variety of art galleries and restaurants. Asheville features a growing brewery industry, so you can try lots of interesting local beers that you can’t get anywhere else. You can also enjoy nature by hiking, kayaking, biking, or going fishing.

There’s live music downtown, incredible waterfalls off the beaten path, and lots of iconic landmarks. Make sure you take your camera if you travel solo to Asheville!

Are You Ready to Travel?

Whether you want to travel inside the United States or go abroad, we’ve just scratched the surface of the available options. You might decide to fly to your destination or take advantage of another American tradition: the road trip.

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