Jeffree Star’s Journey To Becoming A Star

Jeffree Star, who was born as Jeffree Lynn Steininger Jr., is an American makeup artist, beauty YouTuber, celebrity, entrepreneur, model, and singer-songwriter. He is the owner and founder of Jeffree Star Cosmetics.

The makeup mogul began as a music artist after he became popular on MySpace in the mid-2000s. After having a brief music career, Jeffree went on to become an entrepreneur and a YouTube star. Due to his bright hair, androgynous style, addiction to makeup and numerous tattoos, he soon gathered millions of following on YouTube.

According to Forbes, Star made $18 million just from his YouTube channel and was the fifth highest-paid YouTuber as of December 2018. Today, Jeffree Star is running a successful and enormous makeup company, which he founded n 2014.

Jeffree Star And Makeup

Jeffree Star has loved makeup since a small age. Because he had always been a sleek and awkward-looking guy, he was not able to make friends. Additionally, he knew he was someone different and was aware that there was a strangeness in him that kept children away. Soon, he started feeling trapped in his body. And for him, makeup was the way to vent.

Later on, he decided to wear makeup in his school and convinced his mother for the same. But he received a lot of criticism and disgust from his peers. So, his mother came to his rescue and challenged the school administration so he could freely wear makeup in the school premises, and express his true self. This made the little Jeffree so happy that he hugged his mother for hours that day.

In his teenage days, he decided to pursue makeup and practiced on himself every day. His mother volunteered and allowed him to experiment with her looks and her makeup kits. Soon, he extended his services to his friends and classmates and received only heartwarming reactions.

After his graduation, the young makeup artist moved to Los Angeles and worked day and night to survive. He would often earn from modeling gigs and makeup jobs. Then, he started going to the posh clubs in mini dresses and 9-inch hells with a fake ID to interact with the celebrities.

One night, he noticed Kelly Osbourne walking in a club and followed her by lying that he was her makeup artist. When he went inside the club, he took to the stage to grab her attention. Favorably, the British singer noticed Star’s outrageous makeup and approached him. This changed his life forever.

He soon had a celebrity clientele who loved him for his makeup skills that made them appear years younger. And this way, he started climbing the stairs to success.

Jeffree Star And Modelling

Jeffree ’s unique features, bold makeup, and fashion sense soon grabbed him modeling offers. People were in love with Jeffree ’s one of the few androgynous faces in the fashion industry and paid attention to him.

In 2003, MySpace was launched, which proved to be the platform Jeffree had been looking for. On his MySpace account, he shared numerous imaged of his makeup works, wrote blogs, and posted pictures of himself. Due to his blunt and wild views about life, he gathered a lot of appreciation and criticism. ( Ignoring all the negativity, Jeffree remained true to himself, and in 2006, became the most followed person on MySpace.

Jeffree Star And YouTube

YouTube was launched in 2006 and netizens started to shift to YouTube from MySpace. Jeffree decided to make a YouTube channel and started sharing videos about makeup tutorials and product reviews. Since February 2006, he has been building his YouTube empire and has uploaded tons of videos regarding makeup.

Initially, it was difficult for him to drive traffic to his channel but gradually his magnetic personality attracted millions of fans. He started surprising his fans with free makeovers and often reviewed the work of other makeup artists, hairstylists, and products of other makeup moguls. What is most loved by his fans is his wit and salty comments along with his never-seen-before makeup looks and sense of style.

Currently, he has over 16 million followers on Youtube, and uses YouTube as a platform to promote his makeup products.

Jeffree Star AndJeffree Star Cosmetics

After his brief career in music ended, Jeffree was bankrupt. But he decided to invest all his life’s savings in his first line of liquid lipsticks, which ultimately became a hit. Jeffree Star started his own makeup line Jeffree Star Cosmetics in 2014 after he gained popularity on YouTube.

His first makeup releases were liquid lipsticks, highlighter palettes, eyeshadow palettes, lip scrubs, accessories, and sassy clothing. Since then he has released several ranges of products. Jeffree Star Cosmetics is currently a multi-million company.

What makes his makeup line more likable is the fact that it is completely cruelty-free and has been backed up by animal rights organizations like Leaping Bunny and PETA.

The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star

Recently, Shane Dawson’s new video series The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star’s first trailer was launched. The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star will probably be the closest to revealing Jeffree Star’s feuds and emotional struggles. The video shows small glimpses of what to expect and which is why it is a perfect teaser.

Although much has not been revealed about the exact theme of the series, it seems it will cover the big drama between Tati Westbrook and James Charles, as well as Jeffree and many MUAs.

What to expect from the series is unclear for all of the fans who have to wait till 1st October until its release.


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