TOP 5 Smart Home Devices for 2019

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Smart devices have now become intelligent with the computing power of everyday objects connected to the Internet to create the Internet of Things. Intelligent devices collect and share data from the edge of the network. They are powerful whenever it can be small from asset monitoring devices to beverages that monitor health to refrigerators and other smart home components. Smart devices use sensors to collect physical data such as light temperature and appearance and distribute that data to be analysed and used.

Smart devices connect the home or building to the Internet of Things, thus making the space intelligent to be observed. Automating the controls increases energy efficiency and increases security. Smart devices are used by companies at every stage of the supply chain to make business decisions and improve customer service and to help and refine manufacturing processes.

Amici kart has a set of tools designed to automate processes that previously required humanitarian assistance. You can buy smart device online, and these intelligent devices can use for various purposes ranging from convenience security entertainment business and much more.

Controller and Hub

TOP 5 Smart Home Devices for 2019

You have seen these connector home appliances many times. It is probably the most trending set of smart home appliances. There are many different functions that a controller provides, but the main feature is to control all other smart home appliances. Amici kart is bending the neck in the industry with their respective smart speakers in an attempt to shake off each other with their new intelligent updates. With skills and commands added every day, these smart home speakers can access more and more devices and perform almost every task remotely.

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  1. Amici Smart Solar Charger Controller 60A Solar Panel Battery Intelligent Regulator LCD Display with USB Port Display 12V/24V (60A)
  2. AmiciSmart Solar Charger Controller 50A Solar Panel Battery Intelligent Regulator LCD Display with USB Port Display 12V/24V (50A)

Home Security

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With the world being digital, there is a need for more than a focus on security. Attackers and thieves are getting smarter, and their equipment is more advanced, so homes need to upgrade their safety as well. Many times, people forget to lock their luggage doors and accidents happen, but with the new Internet of Things based locks. You can lock doors in any room of your house but from anywhere in the world. This was just one example of how smart home devices can improve security recently.

Newer devices such as front door camera doorbell, door speaker window sensor, etc. Can be connected to a mainframe using the Internet of Things.  Which can alert the homeowner about the possible break-in and alert authorities from time to time? There is a danger that these future Internet of Things devices face hackers. Therefore, these tools should be developed in such a way that it can help in analyzing user behavior patterns and reports in case of any unusual activity.


  1. Amici vision wireless Security System
  2. Amici Smart Wi-Fi Smart Switch Power Management Remote Control for Home Appliance.
  3. Amici Smart Video Door Well Wi-Fi real-time HD monitoring security camera PIR motion detection.

Smart Lights

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Investing in some smart light bulbs is an ideal first step to build a smart home ecosystem. Bright lighting can be an intuitive way to control your home, especially when paired with a smart speaker. Some can make for excellent experiences.

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The Amici kart is the best light platform smart instead of choosing different devices for this smart lighting buyer’s guide. This is more likely to go to all of a particular system than to separate all brands.



  1. Amici Smart Wi-Fi LED Smart Bulb 10W RGB+CW Colour Changing Lamp 16 Million Colours.
  2. Amici vision metal LED Torch Flashlight 2000 lumens XML T6 and 18650 rechargeable Battery with a Smart Battery charger.

Smart Locks

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Smart locks bother people because they put another point of failure between you and your physical security. By doing a malicious hack with an intelligent lock or even a partner old technology failure or currency of connectivity can suddenly compromise the entry point of your home.

There may be some truth in this, a design without any physical failure can lock the phone. But the smart lock of Amici kart is one of the few good locks.

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1.AmiciSmart Gateway Off for Bluetooth Smart Door Lock Wi-Fi Remote Control Monitor.

2. Amici Smart Multi-Access Smart Door Lock Intelligent Biometric Fingerprint App-Controlled Password Smart Card With 4xAA Mechanical Method and Battery.

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