Jeffree Star’s Long-Awaited Dream House Tour is Unveiled- Know More Here

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Achieving something in life by reaching the summit right from the ground level is
something that is cherished for a lifetime. And the ones who have gone through
such experiences know how struggle can bring success later on in life. Jeffree Star
is one of them, who thinks that a dream is never too big to not achieve.

Recently, Star cried his ‘happy tears’ the morning when this makeup geek visited his new
dream house. To Star’s verdict, it has certainly been a crazy journey – from
getting into the music career to switching over to the cosmetics industry, from
achieving ultimate success to finally purchasing this new mansion.

Jeffree Star’s dream house was already teased a couple of times before this video
surfaced on the Internet. And it hasn’t taken too long for Star’s fans to discover
the new mega-mansion where he moved recently.

This guide narrates everything about the ultimate home tour that Star has come
up with on YouTube, only to make his fans get an insight into his new dream house.
It took a while for Star to unveil the internals of his dream home. Now that the
video is live on YouTube, here’s what it indicates.

An Insight of What the Video of Dream House Indicates

Dream HouseHis larger-than-life dream house deserves a special mention because it is as
extravagant as fans would expect. Ever since he announced about his new house
and that he’s soon to move to the new mega-mansion, all his fans did was to get
more interested!

If you have fancied a glimpse of the house, Jeffree has though of treating you with
the 36 minutes video, which he calls ‘the ultimate dream house tour’. He gets to
each cranny, nook, and cinema room of the house just to give you a proper insight
and share his life experiences with his fans.

A fancy and well-furnished house isn’t at all fancy if it doesn’t sport the double
staircase. This house also comes with a life-sized flower arrangement that’s
imprinted with the logo of the brand.

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By now, fans know that he has spent the holidays in this house and that’s what
makes him decide to pour his thoughts into a video. Besides taking the advantage
of celebrating the gala moments here, he went the whole nine yards in making
this 36 minutes video. Making this home tour a reality, Star comes up with some
life-changing experiences that he has had faced so far.

The video gives a close look at the inside of the dream house of Star. The kitchen
area features no lesser than a total of four fridges (wow, that’s something
massive!). It sports a glass elevator for reaching the three floors quite in a handy
manner. And the fancy house also has hidden doors that lead you to god-only-
knows-where! For example, the video gives a close glimpse of the set of stairs
that reaches down the temperature-controlled wine cellar (oh my god!).
The gym area comes with showers and changing rooms as well.

It has been connected to room solely dedicated to facials and massages. The dream house
has a special cinema room to bring in more fun during leisure time. It’s
complete with pinball as well as popcorn machines. A starry sky is also there with
the own bar! Luxury goes hand in hand with necessities in the star’s dream home.
And with that toilets are open and have a wide range of cleaning functions that
would leave you with sparkling expressions!

Much to the knowledge of fans, the master suite comes with the very own
drawing-room alongside a wide range of walk-in closets too. It features a shower
which is the size of a bedroom and is reached by two doors! The dream estate also
features an external property which Star planned to turn it into a beauty bar, hair
and nail salon! Now that’s something fans would like to wait and watch!

Jeffree wanted to show how big the house is, and that’s probably what made him
put his phone somewhere and forget it where he kept it in the video. And a team
of folks spent an hour just to find the cellphone because when you are inside a
castle (like this one), these things are normal to happen (well, yes!).


Ryland, the friend of Jeffree suggested that he might have to turn on " Find My
Friends" application in such cases of emergencies (well, this is important!).

More about Jeffree Star

Dream House
To Star, struggling has changed a whole lot of things. In the initial part of the
video, he stated that he has been self-made, and achieved everything he wanted
to. Despite receiving criticism and discouragements, he stuck to what he believed.
He has never game up on his dreams. And he has stated that he believed, and this
has what made his cosmetic brand stand tall as one of the top 10 brands.
It seems that his decision of leaving the role in the music industry for some other
endeavors was right. After all, that’s what made him discover the makeup brand
which tops one of the ten best among others!

To walk down the memory lane, Star was born in Orange County. When his father
committed suicide, six-years-old Star got raised by his mom. As a kid, he used to
experiment with the makeup that his mother had. This grew an interest in him
for makeup. After his high school, he moved to Los Angeles for graduation.
Now, the world knows him as a popular makeup artist and beauty YouTuber. His
owned brand Jeffree Star Cosmetics is one of the top ten brands now. If you want
to check his makeup products, attain more details via the official website of
Jeffree Star Cosmetics on the Internet.

After everything else

Calling Star’s dream house a castle would never be an exaggeration. After all, the
video gives a close look at the big house! It’s a mansion spanning thousands of sq.
ft. He made the money by himself, and he deserves to live in such a mansion after
a whole lot of struggle.

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