Jimmy Johnson Net Worth 2024, Career, Personal Life & More!

Jimmy Johnson Net Worth

The net worth is a very controversial topic and one needs to understand it in one go. If you are interested in sports, especially football, then you must know about Jimmy Johnson. If you want to get a detailed idea about his life, then you have come to the right place. Our blog will focus on Jimmy Johnson Net Worth, his personal life, controversies, and a lot more that you will want to know.

Basic Information

NameJimmy Johnson
Full NameJimmy William Johnson


Date of BirthJuly 16, 1943
Place of BirthTexas
Weight158.7 lbs
OccupationProfessional football player and sports analyst
Marital statusRhonda Rookmaaker

Jimmy Johnson Net Worth

Jimmy Johnson Net Worth

Jimmy Johnson Net Worth is $170 million, and he has acquired that from his days when he used to play football and later, he also became a coaching legend. At present, he is a sports analyst apart from being a coach.

Disclaimer: – The above information is provided by numerous sources which were available on the internet but are not considered a reliable source.

Early Life and Education

After knowing about Jimmy Johnson’s Net Worth, let us get an idea about his early life and education as well. Johnson attended and did his schooling at Thomas Jefferson High School which also goes by the name Memorial High School. later he started college at the University of Arkansas. He was able to get a spot at the football immediately after he joined his university. He was the defensive lineman of the football team in his college. There were several other notable players as well including Jerry Jones who later became the future owner of the Dallas Cowboys, Loyd Phillips, and many more. He also led the Razorbacks to the national championship that year.


Johnson’s career began as he was working as an assistant coach at Louisiana Tech University in the year 1965. After he kept working as a coach at several places, he finally moved to Big Eight Conference school where he became a defensive line coach at the University of Oklahoma. There he used to work under Chuck Fairbanks, who was a famous coach and led many professional football teams in his lifetime. He returned to Arkansas soon later and then started serving as defensive coordinator during the 1976 season. He also came across and coached players like Brison Manor and Dirt Winston during his days. In the year of 1977, he became the assistant head coach as well as defensive coordinator at the University of Pittsburgh.

After two years, that is, in the year 1979, he finally got the job of head coaching at Oklahoma State University. He even led the Cowboys to an 8-4 record and 24-14 victory in the final season and that is one of the reasons for his amazing success in his lifetime. In the year 1984, he was offered again the position of head coaching job in Miami. Reports say Johnson during that time was confused about the entire thing and was unsure, but his friend recommended he take up the Miami job. Taking the Miami job would help Johnson to coach in the NFL, and that became one of the reasons he took up the job of head coach at Miami.

In the year 1988, Johnson was asked by his friend Jerry Jones who became the new owner of National Football League’s Dallas Cowboys, to become the second head coach while replacing Tom Landry. Later he worked for the Dolphins as well. But after retiring from there he became a TV studio analyst at Fox Sports. He also started doing various endorsements, one of which included a series of commercials for the male enhancement pill ExtenZe. Johnson was a long-time fan of a TV show that was named Survivor, and he was able to compete in the 21st edition of Survivor in late 2010.

Jimmy Johnson Net Worth

Awards and Nominations

After you have known about his career, his life, and his Jimmy Johnson Net Worth, let us know how many awards and nominations he got in his lifetime.

  1. He got the awards as a head coach for 2-time Super Bowl Champion
  2. He won the Walter Camp Coach of the Year
  3. He won the Dallas Cowboys Ring of Honor
  4. He became the AP NFL coach of the year

Source of Income

From various reports, we have come to the knowledge that Jimmy Johnson has been able to earn his money as a real estate investor apart from being a very good sports analyst. He even did roles in many commercials and movies which helped him acquire his $170 million wealth. Thus, now we can understand Jimmy Johnson Net Worth in detail.

Real Estate

Jimmy Johnson has been earning quite a good during his career and that has helped him to own a residence in Oklahoma. The residence is said to be priced at around $45 million dollar. He is also known to own Three Rings restaurant which is in Miami and owns a bar and grill which goes by the name JJ’s Big Chill and is in Key Largo, Florida.

Jimmy Johnson Net Worth

Personal Life

Jimmy Johnson married on July 12 in the year 1963 with Linda Kay Cooper and later he had two sons with her. But he divorced soon after and married Rhonda Rookmaaker in the year 1999.

Final Thoughts

I hope you like our blog and find it relevant to the search that you have made. Our blog focuses on Jimmy Johnson Net Worth, and other personal facts as well. If you want to get a detailed view of his life, this blog is perfect for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How many Super Bowls did Jimmy Johnson win?

He won two Super Bowls.

2. Did Jimmy Johnson get in the Ring of Honor?

Yes, he finally got it after 30 years.

3. Who has Jimmy Johnson coached for?

Wichita State, Low State, Oklahoma, and Pittsburgh.

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