Ryan Sheckler Net Worth, Career, Controversies, Real Estate & More (2023)

Before we get into this very entertaining piece of net worth blog, we should get to know a bit more about Ryan Sheckler. If you are a rigorous MTV watcher and have kept up with their shows for years, you might have heard his name. Back in 2008-2009, skateboarding was all in rage. And Ryan Sheckler was one of the most famous and talented skateboarders. He was so famous that MTV even made a show about him.Even though his influence died over the years, as skateboarding became a lost art, we can’t deny Ryan’s influence back then. His influence was big enough to accumulate a pretty noticeable net worth. So let’s get into that, and know more about him along the way! 

Basic Information 

NameRyan Sheckler 
Date of BirthDecember 30, 1989
OccupationAthlete, Actor, Skateboarder
Place Of BirthLa Palma, Spain


Ryan Sheckler Net Worth 

Sheckler has accumulated a hefty amount as a skateboarder. Ryan Sheckler net worth is $12 million as of now. Most of his value comes from his deals and sponsorships from Skateboarding enterprises. Moreover, social media and reality TV play a really big part in his net worth. A person who started out as a skateboarder is now worth $12 million and it’s a huge inspiration to other skateboarders as well. 

Ryan Sheckler Net Worth

Early Life and Education 

Ryan Sheckler was born on December 30th, 1989 in California; specifically a small town in California. Ryan grew up in a modest household with two brothers. When Ryan was almost two years old, he found a skateboard. He showed immediate interest in that skateboard and as he grew up, that skateboard became a part of him. He loved it and spent most of his time with it. His parents, especially his Father, saw his passion and even built a skating ramp for him. 

With the support from his parents, Ryan indulged in his passion for skateboarding and became one of the greatest skateboarders of all time. Now, we don’t know much about Ryan’s education but it is safe to assume that he spent much of his time on his career as a skateboarder. 


If we go back and take a look at Ryan’s childhood, we’ll see that Ryan has had a career since he was a child. He received a sponsorship from a shoe brand when he was a child, specifically seven years old. 

2003-2004 was Sheckler’s prime time. In ’03, he was a contestant in the X Games and was the youngest person there to win a gold in the skateboarding championship. His win did not stop there as he went and conquered other competitions in the same year. Ryan started his way from the bottom and soon people were recognizing his talent. 

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Since the skateboarding community is small, Ryan stood out from the crowd. He was recruited by a professional skateboarding company and was subsequently made the face of the company as well. 

Fast forwarding to 2007, Ryan has already left the company and has started his own reality TV show called “Life of Ryan”. The show focused on the unfiltered details of his life, including both personal and professional life But the show ended in ’09 after Ryan revealed that it was becoming a lot to handle, and the show was distracting him from his real profession. 

Since then, Ryan has majorly focused on skateboarding, aligning with brands and companies that will not distract him from his real goal. He has partnerships with Plan B, Red Bull, Melin, Oakley etc. 

Ryan Sheckler Net Worth Over The Years 

2023: $12 million 
2022: $10 million 
2021: $9 million 
2020: $8 million 
2019: $8 million 
2018: $7 million 

Ryan Sheckler Net Worth

Source of Income 

Ryan has multiple sources of income. Considering that he peaked in childhood, Ryan has had lots of jobs; being a celebrity, entertainer, and even an athlete of sorts, if you consider skateboarding a sport. 

Initially, Ryan’s income was dependent on the professional company that he was under. They cut out a percentage for themselves with every payment. However, since then, Ryan has had multiple sources of income independent of his associated label. He also has several brand deals, sponsorships from various companies, ads, and promotions, and there is always Instagram. 

Real Estate 

 Considering his profession, Ryan has invested in a lot of real estate. In 2008, Ryan bought a house in a gated community in California. The house was a far cry from the house he grew up in. The house had more than three bedrooms and bathrooms, with a built-in gym and a theatre. Moreover, the house was extremely luxurious and built in that old-school Mediterranean style with a fantastic view. 

But a few years later, he sold this house and bought another house in the same location. The new house was bigger and more exquisite with featured spas, an in-house gym, a large garden, and a patio with an explicit view. Moreover, the house boasts itself to be styled in a Tuscan Heritage and was bought by Ryan for 2.5 million dollars. 

Car Collection 

Ryan Sheckler has a pretty impressive car collection. Apart from skateboards, he owns some amazing cars which are worth spending on. The first one is a Ferrari F430. The second one is a Jeep Wrangler, followed by two Mercedes and a Range Rover. His collection ends with a Ford F-150 Raptor, and a Ford Explorer. 

This is a very impressive collection, and deserved, to say the least. 

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As we said before, Ryan makes his living by endorsing multiple brands. He has partnerships with Red Bull, Plan B, Etienne, etc. He also has multiple investments in properties and stock. Plus, he also has a hefty Instagram presence, which helps with influence and brand deals as well. 


 Personal Life & Appearance 

Marital StatusMarried
Height5ft 6’’
TatooHeavily Tattooed
HairPriorly possessed blonde shaggy hair, Now Shaved


Ryan Sheckler is a 5’6 man who is heavily tattooed all over his body. He used to have shaggy dirty blonde hair, but now he has a shaved head. He also works out, and has a toned body underneath his tattoos which covers most of his body. 

Ryan Sheckler Net Worth

Not much is available about Ryan’s personal history on the internet. But if you keep up with his Instagram, you’ll see him posting pictures with his wife and newborn child. 


The primary controversies that have been up on the internet in the past is regarding Ryan’s excessive alcohol consumption due to the pressurization from MTV to break up with his girlfriend. It’s estimated that the TRPs would definitely increase for the show and that had left a massive impact on Ryan’s life. He decided to give into alcohol but years later he decided to give it up and finally lead a sober life. He did relapse in 2020 but finally took the decision to not go back to it again. Right now, Ryan’s leading a great life with his wife and newborn.

Conclusive Insights 

So, we have come to the end of this blog. I hope that you found this interesting. Some people here might have even been a fan, so I hope that you got to learn some more interesting information about him. Other than that, Ryan is surely an inspiration and a sign that you should follow your passion. More people should learn from him, and not only fixate on his net worth but also his dedication to his work.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs Section) 

1. Ryan Sheckler’s Instagram account 

You can find Ryan Sheckler on Instagram. He goes by the username; @shecks. He has 2.1 million followers on Instagram and a pretty dedicated fanbase. If you want to keep up with him you can follow him for more updates. 

2. Where is Ryan Sheckler now? 

Ryan Sheckler is settled in the USA, happily married to his wife and a loving father to his child. He is still a skateboarder but has left a lot of things from his youth behind. 

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