Wallace is a city situated 2,730 feet above the sea level which is famous as “SILVER CAPITAL OF THE WORLD”. Wallace produces 1.2 billion ounces of silver every year. People over here have the attitude of “work hard, play hard”. The beautiful & historic tourist Wallace Idaho destination is on the National Historic Register. If you are visiting the United States then you should not depart without visiting Wallace Idaho destination.

While visiting Wallace you will definitely notice & enjoy towering mountains, beautiful forests, sparkling streams, hiking and biking trails, but there are 5 things you must know about Wallace Idaho. Below are the 5 things which will prove Wallace Idaho destination one of the unique to travel in the world:

  1. Oasis Bordello Museum – You must have seen many museums in the world, including art, history, science & arboretums etc., but Oasis Museum was a knocking shop until 1988. At that time there were many brothels in the town because the ratio between male and female was 200:1 and so prostitution was the top businesses. It is said that the Madame of Oasis used to donate to the police departments and local schools. In return Madame used to bring marching band’s uniforms from the students. The estimated profit was one million dollars per year, earned by the five girls working at Oasis brothel. Among the five girls working at the Oasis Brothel, Madame Ginger was the senior. In the year 1988, she got a tip about an FBI raid and she immediately disappeared along with the other girls. Due to Political interference and pressure Oasis cathouse never re-opened for its clients. After 5 years, Oasis was sold and the new owner had found each and everything inside the bordello just as prostitutes left it, including food in fridge, drawings, liquor, clothes, toiletries and drawings. At present, during the tour you can see prostitute’s rooms, rate lists of different activities and all the things which were there at the time of the FBI raid in 1988.   
  2. Centre of the Universe ManholeManhole is a particular access point to inspect, maintain or to upgrade the passing underground public utility, but the manhole situated at 12 mile circle, Wallace is the centre of the universe. In 2004 the Mayor of Wallace, Idaho declared Wallace is the centre of the universe. This declaration is based on the theory of probabilism, it means if you cannot prove that Wallace is not the Centre of the Universe, and then it must be the Centre of the Universe. To prove it you should definitely fly to Wallace, Idaho and feel the unique historic buildings which are on the national Register of Historic Places.
  3. Silver Streak Zip line TourIf you are fond of thrilling zip line adventures then silver streak is a right place to exhilarate and feel the adrenaline rush. Silver streak zip line having heights up to 350-400 feet above ground with elevation ranging from 3,349 to 3,773 ft.! You can also experience ample opportunities for hiking, snowshoeing, skiing, fishing and spotting wildlife in Wallace Idaho destination.
  4. Sierra Silver Mine Tour Maximum people unconcern of mining but if you will experience the 130 years old Coeur d’Alene’s which has created a unique and colourful mining culture. You have to go underground and personally experience the actual methods of the hard rock mining industry. You will be with the retired experienced miner who will take you deep inside the mines with the help of classic trolley. (Lyrica)
  5. Sixth Street Melodrama and Theatre In the current scenario, hi-tech theatres and auditoriums are everywhere in the world, however, there are still few of them which are orthodox and depicts live creative dramas. The Sixth Street Melodrama Theatre is one of them. Sixth Street Melodrama Theatre was founded in 1983, and the owners are still keeping it the same as it was in 1983, with the few necessary changes. Visitors always enjoy attending and participating in the shows at the 6th Street Melodrama! They love the shows, the old theatre and its ambience. It’s a great place to take your date or whole family to experience a nostalgic and fun filled afternoon or evening.    
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How to ReachSpokane International Airport (75.7 miles / 121.8 kilometres) is the nearest airport to reach at Wallace, Idaho. At the airport you can get many options to reach Wallace. 

For International travel, USA Tourist visa is compulsory. Citizens from Visa Waiver Program (VWP) countries need to apply for the USA ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization)

Who can apply for US ESTA VISA?

  • If you are a Citizen or eligible national of 39 countries included in the Visa Waiver Program
  • If you are not holding any visitor’s visa.
  • If you’re planning to travel to the United States for 90 days or less.
  • If your purpose of the visit is business or pleasure.

Process of ESTA check:

For ESTA Check, there are two types of application:

a) For Individual Application: At ESTA homepage, go to the “Check ESTA Status “, and then select “Check Individual Status”. Here you would need either of the below details:

  1. Passport Number, Date Of Birth, Application Number or
  2. The Country of Citizenship, Passport Issuance Date, and Passport Expiration Date.

b) Group Application: At ESTA homepage, go to the “Check ESTA Status “, and then select “Check Group Status”. Here you would need either of the below details:

  1. A group ID, Family Name, First (Given) Name, Email Address and
  2. Date of Birth for Group Point of Contact

In case you don’t have Group ID, select the option “I do not know my Group ID” to recover your Group ID.



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