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worst haircut

YouTube is a platform that has grown exponentially over the years. People across the world spend hours watching interesting videos on this platform in order to engage and entertain themselves. Whether it is traveling, cooking, makeup, poetry, or any other thing, YouTube is an expansive platform that covers it all. There are thousands of channels created by talented content creators that have been entertaining us for years. And one such channel is Dude Perfect. From worst haircut, best products, to fun tasks and hilarious conversation, five buddies leave us all wanting for more after every episode. And in this article, we will be discussing one of their exciting episodes titled as the worst haircut. 

The video’s worst haircut is the part of the segment Overtime 16, where the guys try a bunch of crazy interesting things. The show kick-started with the wheel of unfortunate, and then came the taste. Thereafter, the guys decided to get crafty and do such cool artwork. Finally, the show ended with some interesting product recommendations. 

Rolling the Wheel of Unfortunate

worst haircut

The show got interesting from the get goes when one of the guys pulled out a hat that resembles the hat in dumb and dumber. Basically, the gist of the game is the guys pick out two names, one who will spin the wheel and the other who doesn’t have to bear the unfortunate outcome of the wheel. The exhilaration of the event was quite evident on the faces of the players. 

Cody, fortunately, was picked to not play the wheel of unfortunate, and he appeared to be extremely relieved. Everyone was rooting for Corey to be picked for the game, and guess what? He saved, but his twin brother Coby had to take the heat.

Ned, the Golden Boy, hosted the wheel of unfortune and Coby had already played this game three times before. After Coby spun the wheel, the real predicament occurred when the arrow stopped between “Shave Your Head” and “?” Not so shockingly, they decided to shave his head and give him the worst hair cut.

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Cody Jones was given the honor of ribbon-cutting the ceremony where it is chopped off a big portion of Coby is hair at the front. Then began the actual shaving of the head where the trimmed of quite a bit of hair but in a way that it fits well with the title of worst haircut. The guy only shaved off the middle part of the hair leaving the hair on the side intact. He looked like Tom from Guess Who. 

Testing the Pizza Kings Authenticate worst haircut

Cody Jones claims to be the prince of pizza and claims that he can tell the difference between any pizza. After the fun worst haircut segment, the guys decided to test Cody’s skills by blindfolding him and asking him to name the pizza place where the slices came from. 

He took the first bite of the pizza and claimed it to be from Pizza Hut, but it was from Domino’s. While he was allowed to declare the pizza places as he ate them, he can change the names later on. He took the bite of the second Pizza and was confused between Dominos and Papa John’s but finally settled on the former one.  Next came the frozen Pizza, which Cody was able to tell after a single small bite.

 Cody used to do door to door sales in the past, so he relied a lot on gas stations to fill his tummy during the shifts. So when he was provided by gas station pizza, the player had no problem guessing the taste and flavor. And he locked in the gas station and frozen pizza. The last one came from Papa John’s, and Cody got it right on the money. In the end, he did have some confusion between the Pizza Hut and Domino’s pizza, so he asked for another bite of each of them. And exchange his answer and got all five right. Cody rightfully earned the title of King of Pizza. 

Getting Crafty 

worst haircut

In this challenge, Sparky asked the guys to make a painted picture with Panda and a football on fire in one scene. But he gave each guy a different background. The painting, which will value the highest and will appear more appealing to the eyes, will win. All the players seemed to be in a great mood, and they tried hard to match the given background. 

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Carrett, Coby, Corey, Cody, and Tyler finally finished the painting, and it was time for Sparkly to judge.  Right of the bat, Corey was eliminated for his completely disproportionate painting; he got $1.14. While Cody was negotiating his forest painting value at $ 8 bucks, Sparkly was not buying it at all, and he settled for $4. 

Carrett came third with his moonlight theme and valued at $37. Now the battle rested between Tyler and Coby. While Coby got the second position with $37.39, Tyler won the round with his amazing painting valued a $67. 

Cool Not Cool 

This is the segment where all five guys come with a product and then judge whether or not they are cool. Carrett started the game off with a massive Lego Star Destroyer. Needless to say, the guys loved it, and all of them gave it a green star except for Tyler. He helped Carrett build the product. Coby came with a Dilophorsaurus wall mount, and he got two green and two red. 

Then came Cody with his massager and he got two reds and two greens. Tyler had an amazing product idea, and he got a personalized stunt dummy of himself, and he got three greens and one red. Last came Corey with his ice cream maker and got four reds. And this has happened three times in a row, so Corey is suspended from Cool Not Cool for an entire episode 

This is the end of the episode, and just like always, the guys made sure to entertain us all every step of the way.

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