Lo’s and Shakira’s Performance at Super Bowl: Here’s What to Know

Super Bowl

Right before the event of Super Bowl 2020, J. Lo had already been an expected pre-announced performer for the halftime performance. But when Shakira came under the spotlight, things became more evident that this duo is surely going to rock the floor.

With that, fans came to know that these two Latin girls would do wonders! Shortly before the performance, in fact, J. Lo reportedly spoke these aforementioned words to Shakira (as per what’s reported). To say that Jennifer Lopez got outshined at the performance by Shakira might not be justifiable, since both of them performed really well. However, it’s true. Fans saw J. Lo in a unique avatar. To know more, keep reading on.

Here’s what to know about Shakira’s Opening Halftime Performance

Super Bowl

During the Super Bowl halftime, the due has shown themselves as talented singers and belly dancers. In fact, they also performed several outstanding movements such as knee slides, pole dancing, as well as crowd surf. What surprised fans more was the time when they tried their hands on playing drums! The Latin singers also raced through a total of 20 songs within some minutes.  The two-years halftime shows that were under-cooked soon got its vibrancy with their outstanding due performance! Unlike Maroon 5 the previous year and Justin Timberlake in the year 2018, these two performers just made the event all the more hit!

Surely, fans might have gone gaga over Shakira’s word, when she greeted with ‘Hola Miami’! With such an amazing opening, the performance was surely expected to be a hit. Opening the halftime show, Shakira performed on She Wolf shortly before segueing to Empire’s rock! She even threw some Kashmiri touch while wigging out on that sophisticated black guitar!

She even came up with the Bad Bunny and wrapped it p with her 6-mins hit – Hips don’t lie! While she was performing on it, she was carried across her fans on the back. This Colombian singer was already on a blast while performing as she was seen leaning into the cams and waggling her tongue. Much to the knowledge of her fans, she recently celebrated her forty-third birthday. 

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When you do something big, there would be some people making fun of you, so did hers. Some even made fun of her, but she appreciated her fans who pointed out her singing talent. The fun was associated with the fact that her dad is Lebanese and she was performing some Arabic vocal called traditional ‘zag route’.

Lo Appeared Next, under the Spotlight

Right after Shakira, Lopez came under the spotlight. It was evident that she was still ‘Jenny from the block’; fans were mesmerized with her dressing style. In the studded leather suit, she appeared more beautiful. She even tried showing off some dance moves. With such pole dancing skills, fans got furthermore mesmerized. It was just gravity-defying. While performing on Ramona, J Balvin joined her and together they played Que Calor & Mi Gente!

While she didn’t look like a mother to an eleven-year-old daughter when Emme (her daughter) appeared fans saw her singing the song – Let’s Get Loud! Lopez being the parentage of Puerto Rican had earlier donated a total of $1m!

Overall, the 2020’s Super Bowl halftime show had been like an ‘inclusive party’ as per Shakira said at one pre-game’s press conference in the previous week. As a matter of fact, it did manage to incorporate over six forms of musical styles including reggaeton, hip hop, salsa, and even the Afro-fusion style.

The Duo Performance – How Fans Went Gaga over it?

Talking about the duo performance, the singers just appeared together in the finale. They were seen performing on the ‘Waka Waka’ (again from Shakira’s playlist) celebratory version! But then, it had been a whole different official anthem of some other sports event which was the World Cup of 2010!

How it was really ‘symbolic’ for the Latin audiences?

The hits including ‘Whenever’ and even ‘Waiting for Tonight’ were also sung by these singers. With such nostalgic songs, both singers had helped in clearing the path for Latin artists flooding charts over some yesteryears. Shortly after starting their career, Super Bowl’s prospect of including Spanish songs would just be something unimaginable.

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And this very fact was lost on Colombia singer – Shakira. She has found that being in such an event is really symbolic in some ways. She even felt that it’s a huge responsibility of being in the event when Latinos right around! To her, there are a whole lot of things about the Latin culture that needs to be celebrated. And with such an amazing opportunity of being in the event of Super Bowl, things become easier and more convincing to celebrate their Latin culture and let the world know!’

Shakira vs. J.Lo – Something that’s nearly impossible to compare

Super Bowl

Yes, you read that right.  Comparing Shakira to J. Lo is comparing apples and oranges. In the event of Super Bowl 2020, Shakira and J. Lo’s performance was beyond comparison. As a matter of fact, fans tuned into the beats of these two performers, and they really enjoyed how these two united themselves in one song and made fans go gaga over them, together.

It’s was more surprising that these two had been consistent throughout their performance with amazing dance moves, singing talents, and performing whole-heartedly. Can fans get a better time to witness these two together apart from this year’s event? The answer is apparently yes, but when it’s not yet known!

To say it in a nutshell, this year’s Super Bowl’s halftime got its life with such amazing performances by these two singers! NFL’s annual championship event saw the light the day with bells and whistles! Kansas City Chiefs (the winners) weren’t only the only ones deserving of this position. With such a memorable halftime performance by Shakira and J. Lo, it’s evident that they brought the true blue Latin events to the stage of Super Bowl. This is the compilation of everything to know about the event and their duo performance.

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