Mark Meadows Tests COVID Positive: White House Still Not Out of Danger

Mark Meadows tests covid positive

The COVID figure of the US hits a daily record for the third time at a stretch, according to news reports of Friday, November 6. The Johns Hopkins University further confirms this news. The approximate figure of infection is recorded 127,000, and of death is 1,149. Unfortunately, what we see here is the 24-hour latest record. Amidst the already dangerous situation, the country gets one more bad news that clarifies that the White House is still not out of danger. According to sources, Mark Meadows tests COVID positive. He is the staff in-charge of the White House and is one of the Trump administration members.

There is no secret about the fact that the US is the worst-hit country in this pandemic. The total number of confirmed cases is now more than 9.7 million. Moreover, the authorities report the figure of death to be over 230,000. However, when Mark Meadows tests COVID positive, people were not shocked. He often attends public events, and people have seen him multiple times without any face covering and mask. According to the New York Times report, Mark tested COVID positive after his first test on Wednesday, November 4. As per the newspaper’s report, Nick Trainer, the campaign advisor of Donald Trump, is also infected with the coronavirus.

Mark Meadows tests COVID positive due to probable carelessness

On the other hand, a lot of people are blaming Meadows only for his irresponsible behavior. The fact that he was always accompanying Trump during the campaign’s final days may be a reason. Besides, he was also a part of the election evening party at the White House. Moreover, a vast number of other Trump supporters were also present at the same party. The country’s coronavirus situation became a focal point of the election battle that started on November 3. Moreover, the pandemic was also the reason leading to a rise in early-in-person and postal voting.

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At the beginning of October, Mr. Meadows attended a public conference. He mentioned that the US couldn’t control the pandemic without therapies and proper vaccines. President Donald Trump, his wife Melania, and son Barron all tested COVID positive following a speedy recovery. Apart from that, some significant positive people include Robert O’Brien, security advisor, Stephen Miller, security advisor, and Hope Hicks, White House counselor.

The party at the Rose Garden of the palace

After the president and his family tests COVID positive, many critics were pointing out the carelessness of the President and his aides. They held a party in the White Rise Garden, and of course, hundreds of people were attending this. The most dramatic scene here was that over half the guests were neither wearing masks nor maintaining social distancing. (Clonazepam) It was the same event during which President Donald Trump informally announced Amy Coney Barrett. Later, she took over the position of Ruth Bader in the Supreme Court.

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