PM Shinzo Abe Resigns Due to Health Issues, New Leader to Be Elected

PM Shinzo Abe Resigns Due to Health Issues, New Leader to Be Elected

Japan PM Shinzo Abe resigns due to deteriorating health. However, he will continue responsibility until the ruling party Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), chooses a successor.

Abe apologized to the people of Japan as he could not fulfill his term as the Prime Minister of Japan. He said that he couldn’t let his health concerns affect the responsibility of the country.

The reason why PM Shinzo Abe resigns

Shinzo Abe has been suffering from chronic illness for years due to erythrogenic bowel infections. He underwent a severe deterioration due to ulcerative colitis in July.

Shinzo Abe has served Japan as the Prime Minister for the longest time. He came to the office again in 2012 after he resigned in 2007 when he had to quit for his intestinal illness.

The 65-year-old Prime Minister had only served one year more than in his last term to the office and resigned in 2007 because he needed treatment for his chronic illness. He has been facing these health issues from his teenage.

PM leaves his “Mix Tenure” with major focus on economic policies

Abe has been a committed nationalist with a conservative approach towards his responsibility as the Prime Minister. His policies have accelerated economic growth with severe aggressiveness. People call those policies “Abenomics.”

Shinzo Abe increased military expenses and made the defense machinery of Japan much stronger. However, he failed to amend the revised Article 9. The controversial amendment precludes the army of Japan for deterrence and self-defense.

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Shinzo Abe is now under treatment, which is not allowing him to give adequate time to continue his duties as the Prime Minister. He needs continuous monitoring of his health concerns.

There must not be any blunder in his decision making as a policymaker of Japan, and so he decided to call it a day.

The longest-serving Prime Minister of Japan said that he was very apologetic about the fact that he had to quit in the middle of the worldwide pandemic of Coronavirus. There are many crucial decisions under process which needs to be executed as still one year left in his term in office. However, his health is not supporting enough.

Shinzo Abe left a “Mix Tenure” as he sincerely repented for not implementing his pledge of getting back the seized Japanese citizens from North Korea many years ago. He was neither able to solve the territorial issues with Russia nor revise the constitution, which could strengthen the military more.

Abe defends his effort of controlling his image in public

When PM Shinzo Abe resigned, he did not use the usual teleprompter. He gave answers to most of the questions rather than only answering the prepared questions.

The Prime Minister got emotional answering the media. There were accusations that he tried to restrain his image publicly, but he defended himself and said that he was not the first public figure to do this.

He did not comment on his successor, saying that it would not be suitable for him to decide.

he Liberal Democratic Party has many factions that will be fighting for the Prime Ministership. The LDP has been in power since 1955 without any interruption.

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Potential successors of Japan after PM Shinzo Abe resigns

  • Yoshihide Suga, the 71-year-old Chief Cabinet Secretary, is Abe’s loyal friend, and also, the Administration’s face is a potential candidate as his successor.
  • Taro Aso, who has been Deputy Prime Minister of Japan and Minister of Finance, is also in the run. But there is a possibility that he will provide his support to Suga.
  • The former foreign minister Fumio Kishida was the party’s steering choice. However, his chances are now looking blur as he fails in handling Coronavirus situations as a chief policymaker.
  • Shigeru Ishiba, Abe’s long time political rival within the LDP, could be the party’s choice for the top office.

Shinzo Abe said he would carry out his duties until Japan gets their new Prime Minister.

Liberal Democratic Party to hold a vote for choosing the party’s next Prime Minister

As PM Shino Abe resigns, the LDP is forced to have an immediate vote to elect the next leader. According to Xinhuanet news, they will decide the new Prime Minister with an election on September 14, and they will also choose the party’s top leader on September 8.

The successor of Shinzo Abe will hold the office of the Prime Minister of Japan till September 2021, as Mr. Abe would have if he were to remain in the office.

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