Pros and Cons of Using JPG Files

Pros and Cons of Using JPG Files

If you like to play around with pictures very often, you must have gone through different file formats. Today, JPG is one of the most common file formats that is used by millions of people across the globe. However, the debate about the best image format is still active on the internet. In simple words, every person can choose a suitable format depending on their needs. While PDF format is gaining popularity too, the JPG format remains in the news for all the right reasons. In this feature, we will discuss the pros and cons of using the JPG files. Continue reading until the end:

  1.     A Cliché File Format

The truth about the JPG format is, it is the most commonly used file format globally and is supported by every browser and image editor. Luckily, this format works with every camera device that takes pictures. So if you’re converting a file from pdf to jpg, the result will work in any device. If you sift through the camera market and talk to them about the JPG format, you will be surprised to know that every photo print shop supports it. Secondly, if you want to settle for the universal format, JPG is the best option around.

  1.     Compression can Cause Data Loss

One of the biggest cons of using the JPG files is, it can easily cause loss of data when a file is compressed. When a file is compressed, the algorithm goes “lossy,” which can easily discard some data from the while. (Remeron) The shocking thing is that you won’t even realize the data that has been lost. However, as soon as you start editing a file, only then will you notice it. JPG files are usually red, blue, and green. Experts say this file format can provide around 16 million color options to the editor.

  1.     Can be Processed within The Camera
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The most common downside of using the JPG file format is, the digital camera already applies all the settings to the JPG formats. For example, if your camera had the wrong color balance settings, it will have an impact on your pictures. This means, if you want to convert pdf to jpg, you won’t be able to change the color scheme to a great extent. As discussed, apart from adjusting the color, you could also have potential issues with the banding.  However, if you have the black and white settings in the camera, you will easily be able to make changes to the pictures.

  1.     Smaller File Size

One aspect that is often applauded about the JPG format is the smaller file size. So when you have a small file after compression, it can easily be shared on the web and won’t take up much space. This feature was beneficial decades ago when the hard drives didn’t have enough space to suffice for all the pictures. Secondly, the connection speed was a lot slower than it is today. During such times, the use of a smaller file format was considered a wise decision.

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