Quarantines Are Temporary, Beautiful Skin Is Forever

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We are living in unusual times. It is difficult to even fathom the magnitude of change in our lives. It can be extremely difficult to cope with the changes, but self-care is really important. One way that you can take care of yourself is to practice great skin care. There are ways that you can care for yourself and your skin while you are self-distancing. Here are some great ideas for your skin, no matter what skin type you have.

Try Antioxidant Serum

One way to fight the blahs is to try something new in your skincare routine. We recommend ferulic acid serum. This serum is a combination of vitamin C and vitamin E, which are two powerful antioxidants. You may have heard of the term antioxidant. That’s because there are processes in your body that allow you to survive and thrive, but it leads to waste products. If these waste products aren’t eliminated, they will build up in your body and can lead to damage. Antioxidants eliminate waste products in your body, which means that your skin (as well as other parts of your body) will be clearer and brighter.

Vitamin C is a natural brightener. It helps your skin to slough off rough, dry skin, which leads to clearer, newer skin. Vitamin C also works with your body to clear up blemishes, irritation, inflammation. It also helps to reduce the look of brown spots and undereye dark circles.

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Vitamin E also helps to calm the skin and reduces irritation and inflammation. It also helps to moisturize your skin as well. Taken in combination, these two vitamins really help to improve your skin’s condition.

You can use skin serum in conjunction with a derma roller. Derma rollers, based on an acupuncture technique that is thousands of years old, rejuvenate your skin by making tiny holes in your skin. Your body gets worried that your skin has been hurt, so it rushes collagen and elastin to the area, which helps plump and firm your skin. It is also great at minimizing scar tissue, fine lines and wrinkles.

Procedure for Derma Rolling

In order to use a dermaroller effectively, you need to cleanse your skin thoroughly first. Be sure to remove any traces of makeup, dirt and oil with the cleanser. If you are going to do a mask, it needs to be between the cleansing step and the next step, which would be the toner. After you have used your skin toner, then you can use the derma roller. Be sure you slowly roll the derma roller over your face. When you first begin to use the derma roller, you only need to use it once a week, to give your skin time to recover. After you use the derma roller, you can then apply the serum, such as vitamin C and E serum. Next would come the moisturizing step. Even though you used the serum, you can allow it to dry, and then apply moisturizer, to help create and keep beautiful skin. Once you have your new routine established, you are just a short distance away from amazing skin.

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