5 Ways to Boost Sales & Marketing Through Digital Illustration & Motion Graphics

Boost Sales & Marketing Through Digital Illustration & Motion Graphics

Marketers are always on the lookout for attractive and eye-catchy designs to use in their advertising. The visual content used in their promotions is often created using different tools and mediums. However, an increasing number of advertisements in the digital era use digital illustration and motion graphics in their designs.

These designs are usually created using digital drawing and editing tools that offer designers more freedom and creative abilities compared to traditional art tools. Visual artists can use these design tools to push their creative limits and design images that leave a lasting impact on viewers.

When used correctly for advertising, these designs can resonate with audiences and boost the brand’s image. Digital illustration and motion graphics will play a key role in the future of visual advertising. So let’s look at some of the ways these visual design formats can be used to boost sales and marketing.

1. Emotional appeal

Digital illustration tools can be used to create characters and objects in a variety of styles. Some of these styles tend to draw more attention than others; however, designers are always trying to come up with advertisement designs that appeal to audiences on an emotional level. 

These are the designs that tend to linger in the minds of viewers long after seeing the advertisement. Marketers should consider using more of these digital illustrations in their advertisements as they can communicate complex messages and emotions faster than promotional text can.

For example, a mattress company could use a digital illustration of a cartoon character sleeping contently on a mattress to demonstrate that their products are comfortable. This character could have a simple design that is visually appealing and feels relatable to a wide audience. Such a design conveys the feel of the product without relying on a written explanation or sales pitch.

Visual illustrations that feature motion can also be used to appeal to audiences. The movement of certain colors and textures can be used to dazzle viewers or convey a sense of peace. Many apps have used motion graphics for loading screens on their pages. These designs typically feature repetitive circular motions that convey a sense of progress.

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2. Cultivating a brand image

Many brands have started using their own unique digital illustration styles in their advertisements. Who could forget the simple yet zany character designs on the Headspace app or the simple red background and yellow arches in McDonalds advertisements.

Viewers don’t even have to read the company names off these advertisements to know who they belong to. This is an indication of effective visual marketing.

Cultivating a signature art style isn’t easy, though. Designers at digital design agency often go through tens or hundreds of designs before finding one that is unique and exemplifies their client’s brand’s image.

Cultivating a brand image

Digital design agencies often create digital illustrations with the help of design templates or by constructing designs from scratch. Your brand’s image should be based on a unique design that is novel and hasn’t been used elsewhere. Due to this reason, many marketers ask digital design agencies to create logos that are not based on existing templates.

3. Drawing attention with motion

Motion graphics are often used in digital advertisements due to their ability to draw the attention of users who are scrolling down the page or clicking through a website. Humans have a natural tendency to focus on objects in their field of vision that are in motion, so ads featuring moving elements have grown popular over the years.

Kinetic typography text is a popular form of motion graphics. These designs feature text that is displayed sequentially as readers read through the advertisement. The speed of this text is usually made to match the typical reading speed of viewers. Each word appears or disappears using a fun animation that can be made to look playful or more serious in tone.

4. Keeping the attention of viewers

Motion graphics that are engaging can extend the amount of time viewers spend looking at an advertisement. This is important because online advertisements are typically viewed for only 1 or 2 seconds at a time. 

The ideal advertisement containing motion graphics would draw-in the attention of viewers just before the animation loop is played, and retain viewers’ attention until the animation loop has completed. However, the animation in marketing needs to be playful and creative in order to achieve this.

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When done poorly, motion graphics can behave as distractions that are more annoying than engaging. If you’d like to use motion graphics in your marketing campaigns, you should have your advertisement designed by professionals at a graphic design agency. 

London is home to many digital design agencies that can create motion graphics for your advertisements. You could boost the popularity of your brand and draw in more customers by using slick and polished-looking motion graphics in your advertisements.

5. Improving sharability

Viewers who come across well-executed advertisements containing digital illustrations and motion graphics sometimes share these advertisements via social media. If your designs are particularly impressive, people will be inclined to talk about them and show them off to others. This could increase your brand’s popularity on social media and widen your customer base.

Your advertisements will pay for themselves in the long-run if people are sharing them on social media for free. However, many marketers struggle to come up with visual ads that have the wow factor that Apple or Coca Cola advertisements possess.

Many of these advertisements undergo weeks or months of testing before they are initially rolled out. In order to design an effective visual advertisement, marketers will need to work closely with a  creative design agency in London. London and other major cities are sometimes used as the testing ground for new advertisements due to the high population density of these areas.

Social media influencers in these cities can boost the visibility of your brand if they find your advertisements appealing. Marketers should spend some time studying the visual design trends that are popular with social media influencers if they wish to design effective advertisements using digital illustration and motion graphics.

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