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Slip and fall accidents happen daily at any time and anywhere. In case you have been injured from falling due to the negligence of a property owner, you might be eligible for a damages award. In this case, a slip and fall personal injury lawyer can investigate your accident, determine how the accident could have been prevented, and ensure the property owner is held liable.

Common causes of slip and fall accident

Numerous issues can contribute to a slip or fall. Worker’s comp lawyers represent a client who has suffered injuries such as:

  • Faulty electronics in moving walkways or escalators.
  • Poorly maintained stairs, carpet, and flooring.
  • Poor lighting makes pathways dangerous
  • Walkways and pathways obstructed by dirt
  • Spills or leaks in floor surfaces.

Whether it is a home, store, public venue, or private business, the property owner should offer safe conditions for their visitors. Failure to offer safe conditions is regarded as negligence. In such cases, the property owner will have the responsibility of compensating you.

What to do after and slip and accident

Ensure you seek medication- the injuries might be severe, but the health care provider will take care of them and write an official record.

Reporting the accident: Ensure that you report your incident to authorities at the scene, which can be your supervisor or police officer.

Collecting evidence: If possible, you should try to collect evidence by taking pictures at the accident sites. You should also get the list of witnesses and their contact information.

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There are several types of slip and fall injuries that you can sustain in an accident. The most common ones include:

Dislocations, fractures, and sprains: The impact of stationary objects or the ground after a fall can lead to several significant physical injuries.

Spinal and back injuries: If you are involved in slip and fall injuries, you can experience spinal and back injuries that can be painful and result in extensive complications, including mobility and paralysis.

Traumatic brain injuries and head injuries- this kind of injury can range from mind to severe injuries that can contribute to life-long debilitation and cognitive issues. Falls involve one of the common causes of traumatic brain injuries that happen outside the military service. They can also occur among the elderly and children.

Compensation for slip and fall accidents

If another person was negligent and contributed to your injuries, you can receive a settlement that can include:

  • Future lost income.
  • Medical expenses related to your accident.
  • Loss of quality of life
  • Emotional anguish
  • Pain and suffering.

Depending on the injuries you suffered in your fall accident, you can receive other compensation types.

Getting help from a slip and fall accident lawyer in case you suffered an injury due to the property owners’ fault, you should not play for the medical expenses and other associated costs. In this case, a lawyer can help you with your slip and fall personal injury case issues. In particular, the firm can help you in gathering the required evidence to prove your case. They can also help you negotiate for a fair settlement with the negligent property owner and insurance companies.

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However, depending on your case, proving negligence in a slip and fall case might be complicated. However, lawyers will not shy away from challenging cases. Instead, they will try their best to fight for your settlement and rights. (Valium) Most importantly, the firm works on contingency fees, meaning that you will not suffer any financial risk since you will not pay them if they do not win your case. Therefore, you should not struggle in handling a slip and fall case on your own. Instead, you can call a personal injury lawyer for a no-obligation and free consultation.

In case you have been involved in a slip and fall accident, you should call a slip and fall lawyer.

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