Can Traditional Chinese Medicine Help With Athletic Recovery?

athletic recovery

After a tough workout, you know what’s coming: muscular soreness, which typically peaks between 24 and 72 hours after exertion.

If you’ve ever been through that pain, then you know how nice it’d be to have something help you through your athletic recovery. You may have heard that traditional Chinese medicine could do the trick. But you’re wondering if it really works the way everyone says it does.

Here’s everything you need to know. And, spoiler alert: it is quite effective at soothing your sore muscles.

What is TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine)?

When we say Traditional Chinese Medicine, or TCM, we could mean any one of several remedies that have been used to holistically treat people for centuries. These methods may include any of the following:

  • Tai Chi, a series of postures that promote relaxation and mobility
  • Acupuncture, which re-balances the body’s energy and circulation
  • Cupping, a suction technique that reduces muscular tension
  • Gua Sha, a massage and exfoliation technique
  • Chinese herbal remedies

When it comes to relieving sore muscles, you might consider the latter two especially. The question is, do they work?

How Does TCM Aid in Athletic Recovery?

It turns out, many of the above methods have a place in your athletic recovery regimen. Many of the aforementioned techniques, including cupping and Gua Sha, can reduce tension lingering within the body.

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If you work out hard, you know that it creates such tension in your muscles and joints. Releasing that would certainly hasten your recovery, right? Well, that’s how these forms of TCM can help you recover—they help diffuse the tightness and pain with haste.

But TCM helps you recover in a roundabout way, too. Whatever TCM method you choose, the practitioner will take your whole body and medical history into consideration. They will treat you in ways to make you feel better now and prevent injuries in the future.

So, if you sign up for TCM, you’ll be aiding in your own recovery in a roundabout way. It’s much easier to bounce back post-workout without an injury, after all.

It’s More Than a Post-Workout Remedy

On top of all of that, TCM has general benefits that can aid in athletic recovery. For example, most forms will help you achieve better sleep and reduce your bodily inflammation. Both of these side effects will help you recover and be a better athlete.

Don’t forget that TCM includes herbal remedies, as well. You might have heard of horny goat weed for bodybuilding — it has a slew of benefits that can make you feel better post-pump. Namely, it improves muscle and bone health and boosts testosterone levels, too.

So, consider adding TCM to your fitness routine to help reduce tension. But make note that many treatments will make you a better, stronger athlete, which will hasten recovery secondhandedly.

Start Your Workout Recovery With Traditional Chinese Medicine

Athletic recovery starts as soon as exercise stops. How will you soothe your body and prep for the next workout? Traditional Chinese medicine could be the answer for you.

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