The Retirement Announcement Of Chris Matthews In MSNBC

Chris Matthews

MNSBC is a popular channel among viewers and is known for its judicious deep analysis of various political scenarios without any inclination to any one particular side. MNSBC has also been appreciated by the viewers for being a reliable source for every breaking news from around the world. Some of the popular shows aired on MNSBC include names such as the Rachel Maddow Show, Meet the Press Daily, White House with Nicolle Wallace, Last word, 11th hour and Hardball with Chris Matthews. In fact, many of the popular clips from the various programs find their place in the MNSCBC online YouTube page where the viewers can watch it later or go through it once again.

Retirement announcement

Chris Matthews

One such video of the MSNBC YouTube Channel that has been getting an increasing number of views since the past week is that of the retirement announcement of the long-standing host of Hardball Chris Matthews. Yes!  You heard it right! After a long and glorious career as a political commentator and talk show host that spanned more than two decades, Chris Matthews has decided to drop the curtain. The announcement has come from Matthews himself who made the declaration on air. However owing to the abrupt nature of this decision along with the various controversies that surrounded him, there are many speculations about why Chris decided to exit the show and put an end to the legacy he had created with his show.

Before going ahead to look at the various causes for him to leave the show, it may be worthy to spend some time reviewing Chris and his show and the long journey they had together

Chris Journey so far

Christopher John Matthews was born to born to parents Mary and Herb in Philadelphia. While little has been mentioned about Mary, it is known that Chris’ father was a court reporter and perhaps had an influence on Chris on the choice of his career. After graduating from the College of Holy Cross in 1967, he also did graduate work in Economics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He had also been a visiting fellow to the Institute of Politics at Harvard University.

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So far, Chris Matthews holds as many as 34 honorary degrees that he holds from a number of colleges and universities.

Various Roles

Chris Matthews

Through his long career, Mathews has juggled between a number of roles ranging from a political commentator, an author, a newspaper journalist and a talk show host. However, the role that has been most well-liked among the people is that of a writer and that of a television talk show host.

There are eight best-selling books to Chris’ credit, most of which are an outcome of his deep interest and knowledge in the politics of the nation. The  Elusive Hero which came out in 2011, in fact, stayed in the New York Times Best Seller list for than twelve weeks and was appreciated by the critics as well.

His famous show Hardball with Chris Matthews has got its name from Chris’ won book “Hardball: How Politics is Played, Told by One Who Knows the Game” 

The Hardball Show

The Hardball Show began as a weekend-long television talk show since 1997. However, it was initially known as Politics with Chris Matthews and aired in America’s Talking. After America’s Talking became defunct, it began to air on CNBC before it was finally taken up by MSNBC, where the show reached its real glory.

Through all these years the show has evolved in its way. However, the basic idea has always been about discussing the various important political issues along with the latest headlines. Many important political analysts and figures have been a part of his show so far. Matthew’s style of the interview has brought him to confrontation to a number of people who have come to his show

The announcement 

Chris Matthews

The announcement made by Chris came more like a bolt out of blue to all the viewers when he chose to make the announcement on 2nd March 2020. While the show began in the usual way, what soon followed was the shocking revelation on the part of Chris Mathews that he was bringing the Hardball which is running since 1997 to an end. While he said he shares some great memories of the show he also apologized for the comments that he may have made in his show that could have hurt the sentiments of people. He also reminded his audience that thought this was going to be the last of the Hardball episode, this was not the end of the interest that he has in politics. He also specifically apologized for having made the rude comments on women’s appearance in the past which he thought was okay but which definitely isn’t.

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 It is said that his exit came in the wake of all the controversies that followed him on the week prior to the announcement of the retirement, In fact, even GQ ran a column on Chris Matthews for the sexist comments that he had made in the past. He also had been given a hard time by the supporters of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

While even in the past Chris has had to face severe criticism for the kind of comments that he has made, this time it was evidently different. The exit came only after he had a weekend-long discussion with his bosses at MSNBC.

It is said that Chris had been anticipating retirement for some time now and had plans of exit only after this election. But as things turned out, the heat from the opposition was so much that he could not bear it even till the Super Tuesday. 

Henry shared with his audience that he has another book coming out soon and he will now devote his time to working in it. Well, his fans will definitely miss him now that he chose to exit just before elections.

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