Ellen Show: Ellen’s Surprise Appearance at The Real 1,000 Episodes Crazes Her Fans

Ellen Show

The Real stage was set at a fire that evening when the ladies chose to make it their own charmed circle. The celebration for the 1000th episode of the Real was really made special. (Ambien) The co-hosts Adrienne Bailon Houghton, Loni Love, Tamera Mowry-Housley and chose to simply kick stuff off with an excessive confetti flare! This was a big day for the Real and all of them were really happy and excited. The voices of the audiences were at a peak. Post to winning the two NAACP as well as the Emmy Image Awards, the huge day was finally here. It was finally the 1000th show of Real. The ladies simply got the platform at a fire, but the real fun started when none but Ellen DeGeneres entered the show, dragging her own chair. Yes, you heard that right!

Ellen DeGeneres enters the Real 1000th show with her own chair

Ellen Show

Yes, it is the spark of the Ellen show, we are talking about here and if it is her entering, there must be something special about it. She just made everyone scream out there and entered the show dragging her own chair. The co-hosts were much excited but the Ellen fans were much more excited to see her. If you are familiar with the Ellen show, you must have got the flavor of more of the conversation of the 1000th episode of the Real show. 

They began with a really jolly greeting and the ladies were in their absolute feminist forms laughing loud and teasing each other. The real conversation heated up when they asked that the Ellen show and Ellen started answering. She started on how she used to dress, act and speak at the beginning of her talk show leading t her acceptance of being gay and always upholding and highlighting the LGBT community in her talk show. 

Ellen who faced ample tragedy in life came into prominence later with the very popular Ellen Show. She had worked as a house painter, waitress, sold vacuum cleaner and many more before she started her career as a stand-up comedian and then finally started her own Talk show. 

When Ellen was asked how she found her show evolving over the years, she picked on her humorous answers. Also mentioned that the Ellen show was not only her show but it was everybody else’s who watched it, participated in it and loved it and asked them to treat it like one! 

Ellen mentioned her gender orientation as an obstacle in her initial career

Ellen’s history is really touching and many of her fans are already aware of it. She mentioned when asked about her show that she did not work for three consecutive years as she was not being hired. She had to move around places despite her talent and skills because of her gender orientation. Back in the days, being gay was just another taboo that people often looked down upon. But she also boasts that the same reason got her to the point where she stands today and that had been made possible via the Ellen show mostly. 

She also mentions how she had been judged by most and even by her own parents. She mentions they judge what they don’t know. As she always had been a rebel against gender discrimination or let down of the LGBT community, she examined plenty on that aspect when asked. (teachworkoutlove.com) She even mentioned that she had been into depression due to the ignorance she had faced from society, her own family and definitely the employers. 

Ellen– When you got nothing to lose you don’t fear to lose any!

The next interesting question that was thrown on her was how her feeling about the first day of her show was. Well, she mentioned it was her first talk show that she got and usually she was supposed to be scared and nervous but she wasn’t. Very well crafted lines mentioned by Ellen were that “when you got nothing to lose, you cannot fear losing anything.” Well, that was quite true an aspect of her part of life at that point in time. She mentioned that she wasn’t scared but was really excited when it came to finally perform on her first talk show. It was a really thrilling experience for her but she started out really confident as she always was. 

Loni expressed her emotions mentioning Ellen’s help with her career

Well, Loni could not hold back her tears when she grabbed Ellen’s hand and mentioned that Ellen gave her a chance in her show even when she had nothing at that time. Both of them were almost nobody’s but that did not stop Ellen from guiding and helping her guiding her through her own show. These traits of hers literally set her as an inspiration today. Ellen simultaneously mentioned that Loni was equally talented and deserved the opportunity. In fact, her show got a part of its light and wholeness when Loni contributed t it and Ellen got to equality learn, explore and cherish the show with her. 

The amazing gift cart Ellen got for her girls

Ellen Show

Well, last but never the least; Ellen really got an amazing gift cart that made everyone excited literally! It had a variety of presents that would suffice everyone. It was a moving cart where the initials of her name were written which said ‘ED.’ Also, she mentioned 250 dollars regarding the gift card but it was of 200 dollars finally and there she cracked yet another joke regarding it. 

Lastly, it was the time when Ellen had to take off as she got her show shooting on the same day. It was another humorous and totally hilarious moment she got into as she again pulled her chair back all the way. Adrienne screamed for her to leave it right there and didn’t have to carry it back laughing out loud and closing Ellen’s interview. We could just see Ellen kicking the chair inside while the applauses take over and her fans screaming. 

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