The Simulated Reality League IPL betting in Parimatch – TIPs for cricket bettors

The Simulated Reality League is a virtual version of the real tournament. And there are available all the main PRO cricket events with the same wide betting line. One of the – IPL, is the most popular cricket tournament that is also available in a virtual version. (xanax) So all the registered Parimatch clients today could bet not just on their favorite IPL teams in reality via the, but also watch their matches in the SRL format. The whole betting process and the cricket rules will be the same for both tournament formats, but the factors which you will need to analyze for the forecast preparation will be different. On this page below you will find some more information about the Simulated Reality League and simple tips for profitable SRL betting.

Teams list in Simulated Reality League in – famous teams and players

First of all, it should be noted that the SRL was made to provide all fans of PRO cricket with a close-to-reality experience of watching the matches. But the matches here will be available more often than in real IPL so bettors will get more real chances to make a winning bet. When the match will be started bettor could feel how he is involved in a spectacular game with the virtual version of his favorite players and teams. 

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The SRL matches will be done with AI technologies and a unique algorithm which will analyze the data of the matches. That’s why all the virtual games are so real, and the players have the same shape and set of qualities as the real IPL players. And in all the SRL IPL seasons will take part, such famous teams, as:

  • Chennai Super Kings;

  • Delhi Capitals;

  • Gujarat Titans;

  • Kolkata Knight Riders;

  • Lucknow Super Giants;

  • Mumbai Indians;

  • Punjab Kings;

  • Rajasthan Royals!

So with the SRL betting in Parimatch bettors could get the same great experience and high profit, but only if they will spend enough time learning all its rules and features.

How to bet on Simulated Reality League matches in LIVE – go read it 

When the main information is already learned you can start searching for the best markets to bet on. And the wide betting line so as the high odds for the SRL IPL matches will be a pleasant surprise for you. For most SRL matches you will be available in main and additional markets (winner of the match, best batsman, best bowler, handicaps, totals, etc.). 


Also remember that you can bet on cricket matches not just in prematch, but in LIVE as well. And the LIVE format would be the best choice if you want to make bets with the best odds. During the match betting line will be changed too so you will find even more great markets to bet on. One more important advantage of this format is that the foresting process here will be much easier than in prematch so even the newbies will find enough information for their prediction. Winnings for the LIVE SRL bets will be paid promptly into your account.

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