Tiger Woods Is Gradually Recovering, Shares Pictures With Crutches

Tiger Woods Is Gradually Recovering, Shares Pictures With Crutches

The king of the golf course, Tiger Woods, faced severe injuries. Not long ago, he used to practice in Jupiter Island, but now he is walking with crutches. Tiger Woods shared a photo recently where he was wearing a walking boot standing with his dog Bugs. In the picture, Woods was in his shorts wearing a backward cap. This is the only photo that came from him since his accident which took place two months before. Woods went through several surgeries due to his crucial injuries. Especially the right leg faced most injuries. The recent photo showed that Woods is making improvements and recovering from injuries.

Tiger Woods shared a photo to share his recovery update

Woods only gave updates about injuries and recovery in statements only. The recent photo gave his fans a sigh of relief as they got to see him after the accident for the first time.

The accident took place on February 23 in LA. Since then, Tiger Woods only shared four times, informing his updates on his health through Twitter. On March 16, 2021, he said that he would be returning to Jupiter Island in his home. The 15 times titles winner Woods last commented on the basketball victory of Hideki Matsuyama at masters with the Women’s Amateur team of Augusta National college. Justin Thomas and Rory McIlroy visited him and said that he is doing fine as recovering with speed. They shared this news in “Augusta National.” They said that it was good to meet him after long. Moreover, they felt fortunate because of basketball they get to spend time with him. Hanging out with him is a thing they would never forget.

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Woods working on the practice facility in his home in LA

Woods uploaded his photograph on Friday through his Instagram account. He shared that he was also making some improvements in the practice facility. Dakota Atkinson from Florida shared a picture on April 14, which showed three-fourths of the green is experiencing improvement through maintenance.

Woods added that his rehab time would not have been happier without his canine friend as his best buddy.

The photo reached a massive audience as it got 1800 comments wishing him a sooner recovery and more than 280,000 likes.

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