Tools to Use to Improve Instagram Marketing Efforts and Results

instagram marketing tools

When it comes to business marketing, Instagram can really be an incredibly powerful platform. Most of the marketers today use this platform because this is the most favored and popular social media channel that hastens of millions of active users every month.

According to research, there is about 28% of the total US population who uses Instagram at some point in time, every day. Ideally, this means that there is hardly any other social media platform that is better than Instagram to enable marketers to promote their products and brands through visual content.

It is true that this app alone is powerful enough to get you started and provide you with the desired results but you will be better off when you use the right type of tools along with it. These useful and innovative tools that are available on the internet for free or for a price depending on which one you choose, can really amp up your results.

If you want to take your Instagram marketing to the next level, you should seriously consider using some of these tools apart from taking a cue from relevant sites like and others for your Instagram marketing strategy.


If you have problems in determining which images are the most effective for your audience as well as relevant to your product, this tool will help you a great deal. Apart from that, this tool will also help you to:

  • Determine which hashtags you should be using along with the images
  • Ensure that your images or posts have the maximum visibility and
  • Get more likes and comments for your posts.

In fact, this tool will provide unique hashtag analytics that will give you important insights about which particular user is using a specific hashtag and how influential are those users. This is a great feature for finding and following the right kind of influencers in your niche. All these will help you to improve your content strategy constantly.

Word Dream

This is a useful graphic app which is extremely easy to use. All you have to do to use this tool is simply plug in the text you want. This app will create stunning graphics that can be downloaded and shared on social media. The good thing about this tool is that you can play around with the graphics that you want to add according to your own style. There are different options that you can use such as:

  • Style and color adjustments
  • Filters
  • Text layouts and
  • Special effects.
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All these will help you to customize your graphics and give it a style of your own. What is even more unique about this tool is that it can also help you a lot if you are struggling to find a suitable quote to use in your images. This tool comes with hundreds of motivational and inspiring quotes that you can incorporate with your posts. Along with this, you should also know about some free SEO tools which can help you to increase your organic visibility.

Few other tools to use

There are other tools that you can use as well for an improved Instagram marketing effort. These are:

  • Repost: This tool will let you repost photos on Instagram easily while giving the due credit to the original creator of the post. It will also allow you to see which of the photos and users are receiving the most reposts. In addition to that, it will also allow you to search for relevant users, contests, and tags.
  • Topshop: This tool is owned by Piqora and will turn Instagram into an online shopping portal. Users will simply have to click on the link in your profile and they will be directed to the landing page that is packed with the products that they like. They can buy any product they like on that page. In addition to that, they will automatically receive an email along with a link next time they ‘like’ the product on your Instagram feed to buy it.
  • Crowdfire: When you find that your follower count on Instagram is going down and wants to know exactly who all have unfollowed you this tool will give you an easy way to find these inactive followers as well as those who have unfollowed you. You will also be able to find new users to follow as well as keep a track of how the updates on your social media are impacted the numbers.
  • Schedugram: At times when you want to share an image saved on your computer on Instagram but do not know how to go about it, this tool will guide you through the process. With this tool, you do not need to get these pictures on your phone and then type the description using that tiny little keyword of it. The tool will directly post the images from your computer on Instagram as well as schedule and manage your Instagram posts easily through a single or bulk upload. This will allow you to make your future plans ahead. Even if you have more than one account, this tool will allow you to manage the post to your multiple accounts posting them all from the same single dashboard.
  • Iconosquare: One of the most popular tools to use for improving Instagram marketing, this will allow viewing Instagram through the web. It will allow you to respond to comments as well as search for specific posts by using hashtag keywords. In addition to that, it will allow you to include a new contest feature. The tool will also allow you to easily see the friends who are following and the content that is presently getting the most likes and comments. Most importantly, this tool also allows you to access to a whole lot of unique analytics such as talk rate, love rate, and post-distribution.
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You can also use Diptic which is a photo collage app or a Tagboard to search and follow hashtags to see the shared content. And for quick likes you can always get insta likes from Woorke.

Ideally, a careful selection of Instagram analytics tool will make a world of difference for your Instagram marketing strategy making it more effective. Take help from a professional if you are in doubt.


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