Top Apps to Expand Your Shopping Horizons


There are so many wonderful applications if you want to take your shopping regime to next level. If you feel that your local show rooms, market and stores are boring and have the same stuff for you then you should check out the variety that is there in the online world. That said, we do love the experience of shopping in a luxury shopping mall. It’s a completely different experience than shopping online.

You know there are so many easy to use, effective, friendly, safe and absolutely rich applications that get you to amazing variety in shopping. You can easily buy things from there and that too without any hassle or inconvenience. Well, right from buying to delivery; everything is as per your convenience.

Paytm Mall

Paytm is one of the most popular platforms in the present time. This mobile wallet giant swiftly partnered with stores to begin its shopping hub as well. While the products on sale are easily available on other e-commerce chains as well, what sets this platform apart from the herd is the profligate cashbacks. The app caters cashbacks up to eighty percent on its products and permits you to pay directly through your Paytm balance, thus eradicating the hassles of cash trading. In case you are someone who has switched to mobile wallets for their expenditure, Paytm Mall is a good app for all your shopping requirements.


Undoubtedly, it is a platform that is a favourite of many. You can find amazing variety, deals, and options on this platform. The application is on the top and gets you all the items that you want. Whether clothing, gadgets, cutlery, home and décor, electronics. Accessories, jewellery, stationary items or anything else; it is a wonderful and rich platform for you. You should try out this for amazing options. The most exciting thing is that it is for everyone. Whether you have small budget or a good budget; you can find variety in all categories and budgets. And of course, you would get the best trends and variety here. There are manifold ways to make payments on this app. You can use your cards; choose to pay through UPI, net banking and even cash on delivery.

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It has been one of the main brands that introduced a majority of consumers to the online shopping platform. It provides the consumers with all the products that they might be looking for.  The application helps you explore the variety that is there and also permit you to do the shopping as per your convenience and ease. You can find the application user friendly and it has all the categories organized in a proper manner. You would not find any; hassle to do shopping on this site. Moreover, you can also choose to pay through cards or online net banking or apply for COD (cash on delivery) too.


Thus, you can easily and comfortably get all these applications on your device with the help of 9apps. Thisthird-party play-store is going to get you all these apps for free and without any hassle. You can easily get the apps and install them speedily.

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