Types of Sandwich: You Will Find Them All Around the World

types of sandwich

Think about one of those days when you are busy, and you are hungry as well. What food will suit you the best in this situation? Of course, the different types of sandwich will satisfy your hunger and fulfill your nutrition requirement. A simple sandwich comes in several varieties and is famous all around the world. The mere fact that it is just two slices of bread with a filling of your choice makes it one of the favorite on-the-go foods. Plus, it is light on your stomach and does not make you feel lazy after eating it. In this article, we will tell you about a variety of sandwich recipes and what you will find when you travel worldwide.

Types of sandwich recipes in earlier times

The first types of sandwich were also the simplest ones. These were nothing but just two slices of buttered bread with a thin portion of meat in the middle, and a sandwich was made. The discovery of this popular snack took place in the 18th century, and the credit for the same goes to a gambler known as Mr. Earl Sandwich. According to the history of sandwiches, they were first developed in a restaurant that sold beef steak.

During this time, John Montague (1718-1792) was the Fourth Earl of Sandwich and used to be a gambler at this restaurant. One day, the Earl called one of his valets and ordered him to bring some meat tucked in a bread. He was so busy in his gambling game that he wanted something that will fill him. However, the food should be something that will not distract his game. Cut to the 21st century, his legacy is going strong, and the billions of sandwich recipes are maintaining his name.

The different types of sandwich often come with a variety of dips and accompaniments. A few examples here include barbeque sauce, salads, deep-fried potatoes, tomato ketchup, and more. There is a wide array regarding the variety of bread that can make tasty sandwiches as well. It includes white bread, baguette bread, brown bread, ciabatta bread, French bread, etc. If you have a knack for cooking, there are even books available to understand the hundreds of sandwich recipes.

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Types of sandwich: health benefits

The grain content that is found in sandwiches is an excellent source of energy-providing carbohydrates. Moreover, there is the right amount of fiber that prevents cancer. Apart from these, the whole grains in a bread contain Vitamin B, folic acid, thiamine, and riboflavin that helps against memory loss. The consumption of bread helps to enhance the serotonin levels of the body too.

Now, there are four primary divisions in a standard sandwich recipe. They are-

  • Base- The underlining layer that can be bread rolls or slices as per your choice.
  • Spreading- It is something like butter or mayonnaise. It should make the bread a little sticky and moist.
  • Body- It is the central part of a sandwich where you use any ingredients as types of sandwich fillings of your choice and include dressing to prepare. For example, cheese, meat, and vegetables are some of the most common fillings used as a sandwich’s body.
  • Garnish- It is an additional part that enhances the look of a sandwich. It is mainly essential for the presentation, and sometimes for the taste as well. For garnishing, you can use cherries, carrots, tomatoes, olives, and more.

Let’s travel across the world.

Here is a list of some of the most popular types of sandwich that you will find in different countries and cities across the globe.

Bánh Mì– Vietnam

A Bánh Mì is a type of baguette sandwich that usually comes with a delicious meat filling. The meat used is often pork liver pate or only pork. Plus, there are cucumber slices, pickled carrots, jalapeño, coriander, and more.

Medianoche- Cuba

One of the popular mid-night Cuban snacks, a medianoche, is extremely tasty and comes with the goodness of various meat and cheese. A medianoche usually consists of ham, roast pork, pickles, cheese, and mustard. All of the ingredients are placed between two slices of typical sweet Cuban bread and then pressed with the hands.

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Vada Pav- India

India is a land of fusion and variety, and Vada Pav here is an emotion. Formerly belonging to the Indian State of Maharashtra is a trendy snack in the country. A patty, usually made of potatoes, chickpeas, and other spices are put in the middle of a bun that is cut into half. The topping comes in the form of a spicy, tangy mint-coriander chutney, and roasted green chilies.

Smørrebrød- Denmark

A Smørrebrød is a type of open-face sandwich that we make with typically Danish rye bread. These sandwiches are available in a wide variety. The filling or topping, which is the same in this case, commonly consists of fish and vegetables. 

Chip Butty- The UK

While the tea sandwiches of Britain have been leading the list for years now, the Chip Butty is a small yumminess package. The filling is simply a bunch of thickly-cut potato fries, and the spread is just butter, brown sauce, or ketchup. However, do not confuse a Chip Butty with a crisp sandwich in which the fries are crispy. In this case, the fries are a little on the softer side.

Cemitas- Mexico

Very similar to Tortas, cemitas are some of the prettiest looking sandwich varieties. These come out of buns that look like brioche, and the filling usually consists of different types of meat, onions, cheese, salsa Roja, avocado, and more.

Panini- Italy

 The Italian panini is famous all around the world and is a favorite of many. The usual condiments here are basil and tomato pesto, cheese, and crunchy slices of bread to wrap these up.

So, these are some interesting facts about sandwiches and some of the popular varieties around the world.

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