What Can I Eat to Help my Breastfed Baby Gain Weight?

Today, the percentage of babies who are born underweight is increasing. This is not something to worry about until your baby is able to gain weight slowly with time. If the baby is underweight then his immune system gets weak and there might also be issues with development. So, it is really important to monitor the weight of the baby during the initial few years and ensure that he is able to cover up for the weight. This will also help the baby during development.

If your baby is underweight and if he is still too young to consume anything except breast milk then you can surely alter your diet slightly in order to help the baby in gaining weight. It is also important to monitor the progress of the baby while he is being breastfed. The way to monitor this progress is by checking the weight of the baby on a regular basis. No, there is no need to visit the clinic or doctor’s place just to check the weight. You can purchase a baby weighing scale so as to check the weight of the baby on a weekly basis.

So, let us now look at the foods that the mothers can include in their diet so as to ensure that their babies are able to gain weight without additional supplements. We have divided these two foods into two categories and we have also listed some of the examples for each category below. So, here are the details. Also, do not forget to track the progress using baby weighing machines.

  • Protein –It is important to include a source of lean protein in your diet. This is really required for the baby’s development. So for proteins, you can include meat products like chicken, egg, fish, and beef. If you are vegan then you can include pulses, lentils, cottage cheese, and other such milk products in your diet. Avoid taking artificial protein supplements as they can really be harmful to the baby. The protein is required not only for gaining weight but also for development.
  • Healthy Fat – The second thing that you need to include in your food is healthy fats. Now, this is very easy as all you need to include in your diet is olive oil, avocados, nuts, and seeds. These food items are high on healthy fats as including nuts and avocados can surely provide your baby with essential amino acids and vitamins. If possible, you can also include oily fish in your diet in restricted quantities.

These are two types of food that you must include in your daily diet. Remember to count your daily calorie input as it is really necessary to eat at least 500 calories extra so as to help the baby while he is being breastfed. Another thing to take care is that you must include Vitamin D, Calcium and enough water in your diet. Apart from this, the other things you need to include is fruits and vegetables as well. With the help of the proper diet, we are sure that the baby weighing scale will show a good sign of progress for your baby.

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