What is an Aviator Game and How to Play?

Experience the nostalgia of 80s classic gaming with Aviator Game! An online game rendered in simple, yet stunning graphics on a pitch black background. At its center lies an airstrip lined with a bold red aircraft – your gateway to retro-filled fun and entertainment.

Gameplay Features:

  • Simple yet beautiful graphics
  • Low minimum bet of $0.10
  • High maximum multiplier up to 200x your stake
  • Fair and secure blockchain technology
  • Unique aviator theme
  • Provably Fair algorithm to ensure accuracy and reliability
  • Buyback button to cash out your bet in time before the plane reaches its peak height.

How to Play the Aviator Game

At the Aviator Casino Game, all you have to do is complete your bet within the given time before the plane reaches full thrust and collect your winnings. The slower the aircraft ascends, more higher the multiplier it will generate for those who play with real money or a demo version!

Ready to take off? The Aviator game allows you to soar like a daring pilot and turn your winnings into even greater heights! Your bet is multiplied as it corresponds with the altitude of the plane. But be careful – don’t get too carried away because you must master precise timing by pressing the buyback button before your aircraft reaches its peak performance. With this in mind, ascend above ordinary play and become an ace aviator today!

When you succeed, your winnings are doubled or even tripled! But be careful: if the climb stops before cashing out, all of your money will disappear. So keep a level head and restrain yourself from multiplying the rate too much – two to three times is usually enough for success.

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At the top of your screen, you can view the latest rounds’ multipliers – fewer than on original. For a comprehensive review, click on the corresponding icon to see all 60 recently played rounds!

Cashout and Betting

Have a few extra bucks to spare? Place your bet! Starting at an affordable $0.10, you can wager up to $100 on each round with a maximum multiplier of 200x the stake – even with the lowest bets available.

Game Algorithm

At the commencement of a game round in Aviator, four distinct participants are responsible for producing the outcome – namely,the operator and the first three players. The server seed value comprises 16 random symbols which is hashed and then made visible to users under “Provably Fair” setting on their menu. Every player’s side generates a corresponding client seed value that is used together with those from other players’ sides to generate an entirely fair result at the end of each round.

Reason why you need to try Aviator Game

The Aviator Game is a great game to play that involves some luck and requires you to think strategically. The multipliers are relatively high, so you can make good profits if you know when to cash out. Finally, the game is based on blockchain technology, so it’s absolutely fair and secure.

Therefore, if you’re looking for an exciting game to play, you should definitely give Aviator Game a try. It’s easy to learn, fun and potentially very profitable!

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