What is typography in graphic design?

The word typography comes from the Greek “typos”, which means mould, and “graphein”, which means writing. Graphic design, it is defined as “the art of placing letters” to make the text aesthetically fit according to the composition and purpose of the material.

The history of typefaces goes back to the movable types used in the first printing presses, which had a very limited number of models. Nowadays, graphic design has become very professional and has created an endless number of fonts to be used in visual compositions in the digital and printed world.

Just like colours and images, fonts are an essential part of a design. From the fonts, you can also develop the corporate image of a brand or company and the kind of message you want to give to people in general. We could say that the lyrics also have personalities and that each one conveys different things.

5 common fonts in the world of graphic design

  1. Future

This typeface was also created by Adrián Frutiger in 1988; It is inspired by the Futura and the Erbar. Its name comes from French, which in Spanish translates as “Future”. It is very popular nowadays because the Apple brand chose it as the main letter of their company. It is sans serif or sans serif type and is considered one of the most beautiful.

  1. Bickham Script Pro

The Bickham Script Pro is inspired by 18th-century scroll calligraphy; was created in 1989 by Richard Lipton. Its shape is similar to handwriting with organic undulations. It is normally used for social events and academic and official documents from various institutions. It is ideal for headlines or short texts. 

  1. IBM Plex

It is an open-source typeface that makes a lot of competition to Helvetica (in terms of its use). It was designed in 2017 by Mike Abbink to reflect the essence and values of the New York company from which it takes its name. It consists of 64 styles, is available in more than a hundred languages and can be downloaded from official sites.

  1. FFDIN

With a family that brings together more than 50 styles, the FF DIN typeface was designed by Albert-Jan Pool in 1994. It is a redesigned version of the DIN-Mittelschrift. It was also designed for signage in a vertical format (although today it can be seen in different configurations).

  1. Serif Fonts

This kind of font is also refereed to as Roman Fonts. Serif fonts looks amazing and more beautiful with lot of decorations and curves, and this is the reason behind this comes in our favourite list of fonts. These are considered to be classic.

You already know the important mission of typography within the design, what types there are, how to differentiate these commercial font, in what cases they can be used and what are the most popular letters today. We are sure that now it will be much easier for you to choose the right font for your next visual composition.

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