What to Keep in Your Car for Winter

Keep in Car for Winter

Driving during the winter can be an exercise in patience and flexibility, at least for most of the country. Even the warmer southern states occasionally find themselves with roads that are surprisingly slick after a cold snap, so it’s a good idea to prepare a winter road kit to Keep in Car for Winter even if you don’t expect snow, just to be prepared for the winters that do bring it. So what goes into a winter road kit? A lot of the items are a good idea for any season, others are specific to the winter roads. (siennaridgeaz.com)

Things To Keep in Car for Winter For Winter Emergencies

To start things off, make sure you’ve got a general emergency kit already, one with at least a set of tire irons, a first aid kit, booster cables in case of a dead battery, a flashlight, and an emergency blanket. Bottled water is also a good idea, in case you’re stuck waiting for a ride for a while. After that, it’s time to set up the winter-specific kit.

  • Kitty litter or sand for traction in the event of a slide-off into a snowbank or ice patch
  • Insulated work gloves
  • A basic tool kit with standard screwdrivers and other basic hand tools
  • Hand warmers or a small camp stove kit for warmth
  • Signal lights or flares

It’s worth considering something like a backpacking stove with a fire starter and a pack of wood pellets for fuel, for heat during an unpredictable wait. Additional winter wear like extra hats and scarves are also a good idea, because sometimes the clothes that keep you warm with the car running are not the ones you want to bundle up in while you wait for a tow. While you’re thinking about preparing for winter, check on your battery warranty and consider a pre-emptive replacement if your battery is old enough the warranty has expired.

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Some Must-Have Winter Accessories To Keep in Car for Winter

If you’re looking for some additional protection from winter mishaps, check out some of these accessories. Many of them can be found at the same auto parts stores you rely on for free battery charging in a pinch, and more are available if you order online.

  • Consider a battery boost, a chargeable power pack that can jump your car without another vehicle present
  • Extra battery packs for your phone or other devices
  • 24/12 insulated to-go mugs make for an environmentally friendly way to keep your coffee hot on a winter drive
  • Upgraded floor mats to keep the salt off your original flooring
  • A dedicated vehicle navigation system to keep your phone free
  • High amperage car chargers for your electronic devices

There are a lot of options for accessorizing your car this winter, so take some time to explore the season’s sales on accessories online to see more. There are great upgrades for those who love to go outdoors in the cold, too. Check out cargo racks and more for easy way to haul skis, sleds, and other winter gear so you can make the most of the season’s cold spells. It’s also worth considering an investment in a car battery charger for your house, just in case a cold snap manages to drain your battery.

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