10 Latest World of Warcraft Updates you must know

Latest World of Warcraft

Latest World of Warcraft has been in the gaming scene since the year 2004. After its release worldwide, the game experienced instant popularity in the new gaming world. Gamers quickly took to adorning the themes, and the concepts of World of Warcraft and dungeon raids soon became their favourite pastime. Over the years, World of Warcraft developers, Blueprint Entertainment has released a large number of features which are both unique and innovative and cannot be seen in any other game such as the quest for WoW Classic Gold. 

The mystical and fantasy themes of World of Warcraft had never been seen before. With the summer release of updates in the features of World of Warcraft, Blueprint Entertainment has made the same crazy improvements for Update 8.3. The new update has brought some classic innovations on board. 

  1. Introduction of a level squish in the game. Blizzard will come up with an update and will squish the level cap down to the original limit of the game that is 60, completely breaking how a new character works. It has been said that to level a character all the way up to 120 has become too much of a job, especially when there are so many of those levels that do not offer any material reward and mostly are a pointless filler. This is why Blizzard Entertainment will squish everything down so that current level 120 players will turn to a level of 50 at the beginning of Shadowlands and arrive at level 60 at the end of its main campaign.
  2. The comeback of ultra-powerful Legendary items can be seen in the newest update, without all the RNG stuff. For instance, The Maw, which has the endgame zone, has pledged to bring back the much-awaited challenges to World of Warcraft’s open-world areas. Other than that, Shadowlands is bound to be adding some density back into World of Warcraft. At the finale of Shadowlands’ main campaign, all the players will have to choose one out of four Covenants to join, of which each unlocks unique abilities. 
  3. The combat log range will be increased for the players who are inside dungeons and raids. Through this update, the players can gain benefits in the live game as soon as they play. The combat log range in the WoW world remains restricted, so that prevents a larger radius of stealth detection that existed in the original World of Warcraft update. 
  4. Ny’ alotha, the Waking City
  • Drest’ agath – Can notice a decrease of the health of Eye of Drest’agath, Maw of Dest’ agath, and Tentacle of Drest’ agath by 8% on Mythic difficulty in the game. 
  • Il’gynoth – Organs and Bloods’ health will be decreased by 5% on all difficulties.
  • With regional restarts, a decrease in the damage requirement so that an allied player will be free from Touch of the Corruptor’s mind control effect through 10% on all difficulties.
  • With regional restarts, Corrupted Blood maximum radius will be decreased by 10% on Mythic difficulty.
  • Ra-Den the Despoiled – With regional restarts, a decrease in the current value of Decaying Wound to 75% of the target’s present health on Mythic difficulty , which was 100%.
  • With regional restarts, a decrease in the health of Essence of Vita, Essence of Void, and Essence of Nightmare through 15% on Mythic difficulty.  
  • N’Zoth the Corruptor – With regional restarts, Paranoia will only drain the Sanity once per second while near any number of unpaired players on all difficulties.
  • With regional restarts, N’Zoth the Corruptor’s health shall be decreased by 5% on Mythic difficulty.
  • Thought Harvester – Harvest Thoughts will now drain 250 Sanity , which will be divided amongst all players who are hit by the effect on Mythic difficulty. Earlier Sanity was 300.
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5. Ashjra’kamas, Shroud of Resolve

MOTHER will now offer an update, Malefic Core for 2,000 Echoes of Ny’alotha to the players who have succeeded to upgrade their own legendary cloak to Rank 15. Malefic Cores will be available for purchase continuously up to the present maximum resistance that the cloak will allow. 

6. Corrupted Items

Players who have a Corruption level of 200 or higher than that will now be able to receive an additional negative effect on Inescapable Consequences; this deals 25% of the player’s maximum health in damage every second while the player is in combat.

7. Casting animations will no longer break when the player is pausing in between casting spells. The use of Sap on Overlord Runthak, Major Mattingly, or Field Marshal Afrasiabi in the middle of their event dialogue shall no longer avoid the Rallying Cry of the Dragonslayer buff from being applied. 

8. Black Lotus will now bloom more often and can be seen in different locations. Black Lotus will not be displayed on-screen or on the minimap by the players who are dead unless the players have Herbalism at a level of 300 or higher. In Warsong Gulch, numerous locations outside of the specific play area will be blocked off. Black Chitinous Plate will now drop more often from Skikx’traz in Uldum while the Aqir Assault will remain active. Malevolent Drone will now drop more often from Corpse Eater in Uldum while the Aqir Assault will remain active.

9. Preserved Contaminant can now apply a Corruption effect on the Season 4 crafted items, excluding the items that cannot be Corrupted, such as engineering goggles (Azerite) and alchemist stones (trinkets). Crafted items in the new update still cannot be initially Corrupted when they are crafted. The ground visual for Tainted Blood will remain clearly visible when Projected Textures are switched off in the System Settings menu. The ground visual for Call Lightning will also remain visible when Projected Textures is switched off in the System Settings menu.

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10. Echoes of Ny’alotha – Mother will now provide numerous Preserved Contaminants, which will be a new item to purchase alongside Echoes of Ny’alotha. Preserved Contaminants will permit a particular Corruption effect to be levied to any uncorrupted item that could be Corrupted or any items that have been cleared after the new week’s restart. The inventory which will be available Preserved Contaminants will change twice per week, and will mirror the Assault cadence, and will continue through all Corruption effects they are available at different levels of potency.

So, what are you waiting for? Go out and indulge in your favourite game for a great time. 

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