Story Of The Star Wars Day That You Must Know

Star Wars Day

Star Wars franchise is loved by everyone ever since it started in 1977. The reason it gained popularity initially was that it was way ahead of all the movies of that time. There was no other movie or franchise that was using Star Wars kind of effects.

With time the franchise spread its medium from film to various other media like video games, books, and series. As the popularity of Star Wars rose, people started making exclusively themed places for it. The best example of this is Star Tours at Disneyland. When the franchise is making so much effect on people, it is not a surprise to have a special day dedicated to it, named “Star Wars Day.”

George Lucas, the creator of star wars, has always connected with the audience in a way that nobody else could even think of. That is one of the main reasons behind the consistent popularity of the franchise. With Lucas’s efforts and talent, the franchise has become a $70 million worth, and it stands as the fifth highest-grossing media franchise. The first four in the list are Pokémon, Hello Kitty, Winnie The Pooh, and Mickey Mouse & Friends.

Star Wars Franchise

Star Wars Day

While many franchises come and go, Star Wars is standing still for over 40 years now. The franchise is an epic space opera that consists of various human, alien, and robot species. The storyline of it is based on, “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away,” in which fans get to see some exciting adventures of the characters.

The best part about the franchise is that it is not limited to a specific group of audiences. People from all places, from all age groups, or for whatever differences they might have, they all equally love Star Wars. As it was one of the first movies with special effects, it has also completely changed the future of filmmaking. Various famous directors like Christopher Nolan and Peter Jackson agree to the fact that the Star Wars franchise has profoundly affected their careers.

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Along with this, there are several cultural impacts of the movie as well. Many politicians have used Star War phrases in their speeches, and those have created a significant effect. With so many influences on the audience and the film industry, Star Wars is not considered a franchise anymore. Instead, it is a whole world in itself.

Star Wars Day

People are not unknown from the phrase “May The Force Be With You.” Even those who are not a Star Wars fan might have heard this a million times. So there would be no other day better for Star Wars Day than “May The Fourth,” i.e., May 4th. It is not just another fun day for the fans. Star Wars Day is as important as any other popular holiday for them, which is why the day is now recognized internationally.

But every story is boring without any background, so even the day requires some history to support the celebrations. Here is every small detail of Star Wars Day from its history to its present.


In 2001, the first-ever Star Wars Day was celebrated at the Toronto Underground Cinema. The event had a Star Wars costume contest, a movie marathon, popular parodies of the movie, and various mash-ups and remixes. Fans loved all these activities and took part in them with full enthusiasm.

But as generally happens, the charm of the Star Wars was supposed to dull out with time. Especially after the JarJar Bink’s destruction to the series. However, when Disney acquired the franchise, it started the trend of Star Wars again, which then became even popular than the previous one. Disney introduced as many improvements as they could have in the 2015 saga of the film. These improvements were essential, as the 21st century already saw a lot of special effects movies.

The 2015 saga was named The Force Awakens, and it delivered everything to the fans, which they would have expected from a Start War series. With the reignition of the popularity of Star Wars, the Star Wars Day again came into existence in an even more impactful way.

Celebration Of The Star Wars Day

Star Wars Day

‘May the fourth be with you’ phrase is way more precious for Star Wars fans that anyone could think. There are several ways in which Star Wars Day is celebrated all over the world. Some of the most popular forms of celebration are:

  • For people who have never left the side of the Star Wars franchise, this day plays even more significance as compared to the new fans. That is why they do not miss the large scale events of Star Wars that are organized all over the world on its day. And what could be better for them than meeting hundreds or thousands of people with the same interests as theirs?
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Just like the 2001 event, these events have costume contests, Star War tours, movie trivia, and many such fun activities. People get to meet other people and share their aspects of the movie, which makes these events even more exciting.

  • Fans who do not like going out in these events organize their own Star Wars-themed parties and get-togethers at their homes. They invite all their friends who can enjoy the auspicious Star Wars Day with them.
  • There are many other ways of celebrating Star Wars Day. Fans of the franchise who could not find too many people for gatherings invite their friends and family at home and enjoy playing games or watching movies of the franchise.

The list does not end here. There are many other ways in which fans are seen celebrating Star Wars Day around the globe. And every year, the number of fans and celebrations only increases.


It is not wrong to say that Disney has done justice to the Star Wars franchise as they have managed to make it more prominent than ever. With the current developments in the franchise, its popularity is supposed to only increase with time. The franchise also holds its name in the Guinness Book Of World Records for the “Most successful film merchandising franchise.”

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