4 Recipes For Your Everyday Venti Cold Brews

venti cold brews

Coffee has become a part of everyone’s lives nowadays. There are many people out there who can not even start their day without a cup of coffee. The best part about coffee is the range of variety that it offers. There are milk and sugar coffee, black coffee, hot coffee, cold coffee, and whatnot. You just have to name it, and there will be a coffee of that flavor. One of the coffee variants that is loved by most people is the Venti Cold Brew. The reason behind its popularity is a perfect size and the no danger of hot coffee burns. So people can easily carry venti cold brews and drink it on their way to office or college. If you are one of those humans who can not imagine their lives without a cold brew, then here we have bought four recipes for venti cold brews that you can try. 

Remember to drink these cold brews in limited quantities. Otherwise, it can harm your health. So let’s get started with the recipes. 

The Classic Cold Brew

venti cold brews

Venti cold brews are mostly loved in their classic form. It perfectly tastes like coffee and is quite easy to make. You need some coffee (medium ground), filtered water, and a filter. After collecting all three items, you can move on to the recipe. 

  • Put both coffee and water into a brewer of your choice, and stir well. Your coffee should be saturated completely into the brewer. Only then will you get the perfect flavor of the coffee. 
  • Leave it for 18-24 hours at room temperature, with the lid on. You can also keep the brewer into the fridge for at least 24 hours. 
  • After the coffee is entirely brewed, filter the coffee grounds using a paper, cloth, or metal filter. 
  • Refrigerate the prepared coffee and serve whenever you want. 

In just four steps, your venti cold brews are ready. You can prepare a cold brew for the entire week so that you will not have to repeat it every day. 

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Tip: If you choose a paper filter for removing coffee grounds, rinse it using boiling water. Otherwise, it will leave a ‘papery flavor’ in your coffee, and we are pretty sure you do not want to ruin your cold brew. 

Instant Cold Brew

If you are one of those last-minute people who keep all their tasks for the last moment, this is the perfect recipe for you. It will give you venti cold brews under five minutes. For this, you will need a cold brew machine, coffee (finely ground), and water. You can buy a cold brew machine online or get it from the store near you. It will be a one-time investment that will reduce your everyday efforts by preparing cold brews in minutes. Here is the recipe to make cold brew using a machine. 

  • Add your coffee grounds and water into the machine and stir vigorously for a minute or so. 
  • Start the machine after mixing, and once the coffee is prepared, serve it with ice or milk. 

The vigorous stirring helps in making the coffee extraction process faster. So you get hours of results in just a few minutes. 

Tip: If you are not a cold brew person, you can create instant iced-coffee instead of this one. You will need to mix some cold water with the instant coffee and add ice to this mixture. It will get you some iced-coffee treat within 2 minutes. 

Cold Brew Concentrate

Do you know venti cold brews can be used as a base for your hot coffee as well? That means you can keep a jar full of cold brew concentrate in your refrigerator, and it will help you fill all your cold or hot coffee cravings. In the other case, most people microwave their hot coffee whenever it goes cold. However, microwave ruins the taste of the coffee. Cold brew concentrate can be used to solve the problem. So a cold brew concentrate is an answer to all your hot coffee problems. 

The procedure of making cold brew concentrate is similar to making the classic cold brew. The only difference is in the amount of water that you use. In this process, you will be adding half the water of what you use in the classic cold brew. You will let the coffee brew for 18-24 hours and filter out the grounds. The prepared concentrate can be easily kept in the refrigerator.  

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Whenever you feel the urge to drink a cup of hot coffee, you can take out the concentrate and mix boiling water into it. You can also add sugar or milk according to your choice. 

Hot Bloom Cold Brew

venti cold brews

This venti cold brews’ recipe is again almost similar to the classic cold brew. Here, you will use the same ingredients with a different technique. You will need coffee (medium ground), filter, and water (1 cup boiled, 3 cups cold with ice). After collecting all these ingredients, you can move to the recipe. 

  • Boil one cup (250 ml) water and bring it to cool for about 30-60 seconds. 
  • Mix the boiled water and coffee in brewer. Stir the coffee properly to ensure saturation, and keep stirring for one minute.
  • After a minute, pour the three cups (750 ml) of ice-cold water into the mixture and stir again.  
  • Leave the brewer with the lid on for about 18-24 hours. 
  • Once the coffee is prepared, filter out the grounds, and refrigerate the cold brew. 

Be precise with the time of hot bloom extraction because it should be done strictly for one minute. Also, you will have to prepare the ice water in advance, so that way, the timer does not extend for more than one minute. 

The refrigerated mixture can be mixed with milk or ice based on your preference of venti cold brews.


These were some of the fantastic venti cold brew recipes that you can easily try. It would require a one-time effort from your side. But once the cold brew would be ready, you will be able to fulfill all your coffee cravings for a long time. 

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