Tasting Unique Protein Bar: Pass Or Fail?

protein bar

Today’s world is much more health-conscious than before. People these days work out much more, maintain a healthy diet to stay healthy. However, products high in fat or carbohydrates are also flooding the market as if to tempt. As a health-conscious person or even simply out of curiosity you might have tried a protein bar. Protein bars generally have a good balance of protein, carbohydrate and fat. They are supposed to be healthy as the amount of protein is high in these bars. Protein bars are especially good to keep your body healthy and energetic.

But how many protein bars have you tried? Have you tried all the unique ones? Are you daring enough to try the strangest recipes and packaging of a protein bar? How adventurous are you when it comes to taste a weird protein bar even it is high on protein?

Rhett and Link from the YouTube channel Good Mythical Morning try out some strange protein bars that are developed and backed by the Good Mythical Morning team. The two men do not have the faintest idea what these bars might look like or taste like; they simply jump right into it. After eating them they pass judgement. If you love to try out new things, you will love this video.

The Ludicrous Taste Test

protein bar

With 16 million subscribers currently, the channel is pretty popular among the audience for their hilarious trials of various strange objects and subjects. The two hosts, Rhett and Link go through the experience in front of the camera and the crew from behind the camera assists them. In this particular video called “Will It Protein bar? Taste Test”, that is only 14:53 minutes long, Rhett and Link try out a different protein bar.

The two men start the video with their usual style of greeting and introduction to the subject –protein bars. They inform the audience that they are going to try out bars that have at least 20 gm of protein. They tell that they have come up with an idea of a protein bar that can be eaten for breakfast – a pop tart flavoured protein bar. They funnily called it a squat tart. We see the bar is packed in a shiny silver wrap with “Mythical protein Bar” written on it.

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As they tear open the packet, we see the protein bar that looks quite delicious with pink icing and colourful sprinkles on it. A team member named Josh explains how he made it. They tell us that the bar has only 35 gm of sugar and they opine that a little carbohydrate can be useful to go for a long run.

They two guys try the bar and deliver their judgement. Rhett says the bar is nothing like pop tarts and is a bit dry and chewy which is common for all protein bars while Link keeps joking about it. The two guys decide that the first protein bar is definitely worthy of a thumbs up.

Then they move ahead to the next protein bar. This one is a very curious bar as it is themed after the Swedish furniture company IKEA! The IKEA protein bar is hilariously called “MUSKELSKARSGARD”. It is mentioned that the name is an amalgamation of the Swedish word for Muscles and the Skarsgard is borrowed from a Swedish actor’s name.

The bar comes in elaborate packing, as the two guys show it to the camera. Inside the box, we find several items packed with cardboard separators. They unpack the box and take a look at the instructions because the protein bar has to be manually arranged!

Josh explains the recipe. We see that there are 4 different pieces that need to arranged and fixed with protein glue! Rhett and Link are seen obviously having fun arranging them. Rhett gives up on arranging and goes ahead to try it. The pieces are extremely tough and they find it hard to bite. While making it was enjoyable, eating it was not so much. So they reject this one. However, the entire segment is hilarious.

Next, they bring out a family-sized protein bar which comes in a huge silver packet. Rhett comments that it has a strong scent and looks like an Italian dish from an average Italian restaurant. The bar looks interesting with a meatball in the middle. Josh again explains the recipe and informs it has 560 gm protein. The two men try the bar and declare it a pass!

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The 4th bar is a deodorant protein bar which has deodorant on top and protein bar on the next part. This is definitely extremely weird. The two guys try the deodorant part and then proceed to taste the bar. And it is declared not edible and rejected.

The final protein bar is made with pig spleen which has 0 gm sugar and 40 gm protein. The bar looks appetizing enough, like a chocolate bar. However, the chef reveals it has only a little bit of cocoa powder but no chocolate, just pure pig spleen. The two men try the bar and from their hilarious expressions, screams and skipping around makes it quite obvious that the protein bar is not good. And yes, they reject it.

The verdict

protein bar

The entire video is very funny. The two hosts are very funny and light-hearted and quite daring too as they try to strangest protein bars. The whole video attempts at light-hearted fun that will probably remind you of stupid challenges you took in with your friends in school days.

You get to see some wild recipes for a protein bar. Did you even think of glueing together 4 different pieces to make a protein bar? Of course not! The protein bar might not taste good, but you have to give it to the chef for coming up with original and creative ideas. The art team also did a good job with the packaging.

Lastly, we find that only 2 bars out of 5 were edible. Have you tried all the protein bars? If not, then it’s probably time you did.

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