4 Ways to Stay Fashionable on Summer Vacation

Stay Fashionable on Summer

Summer vacation is one of the most fun times of the year. You get to let loose, be yourself, and maybe even enjoy a getaway from the boring routine at home or in the office. One thing many people are unsure of, though, is how to stay fashionable on summer vacation. In this post, we’ll walk you through what you need to know: how to look fab, stay cool, and make the most of your summer vacation while looking your best. 

Shorts over pants

First things first: you’ll need to find the right pair of shorts. Shorts can be very difficult to shop for, oftentimes especially tricky for men, who usually spend the year in the same two pairs of jeans. After a winter and spring all covered in pants, many men feel like a duck walking around out of the water when they put a pair of shorts on. And for many women, finding the right fun pair to match with your tops can be a hassle too. 

  • Dudes, one thing is certain: the shorter, the better. Shorts that go past your knees are a serious faux pas that should be left in 2000-late. Don’t show up to a BBQ rocking the knee-length cargo dad shorts. (Xanax) Opt instead for pair of 5.5 inseam shorts, which show off your leg length and own the look. 
  • For ladies, the most important thing to keep in mind is that high wasted profiles are in, so whether it’s jean shorts or spandex, make sure that the waistband is pretty close to your belly button!

Time for tops

If you’re used to hiding under the same jacket every day, finding the right top can seem like an insurmountable challenge. However, this summer, we’ll make it easy for you.

  • Guys, you can’t go wrong with a simple T shirt. Stick to plain colors for a safer, everyday lookor, for an exciting change of pace, try out a cool graphic T. Just be sure you abide by sizing rules: your shirt shouldn’t pass your zipper in length but shouldn’t ever fall above your waistband. 
  • Girls can also hop on the T shirt train no problem. However, this season, you’ll want to know that crop tops are definitely in. Baggy or form-fitting, these shirts pair great with your high wasted shorts. Not comfy with it? Don’t worry, tucking your shirt in produces a similar streamlined profile. 

right shoes

Find the right shoes

Shoes can be pretty stuffy. Having your feet crammed in there all day, along with a pair of socks, can lead to serious summer discomfort. Luckily, you have a few ways around it.

  • Men should know that under no circumstances is it ever okay to wear open toed shoes. This may strike some as frustrating, but it’s just plain decency. Opt instead for light and breezy canvas sneakers worn with no-show socks, or stylish multicolor running shoes with a breezy mesh that keeps your feet cooland, most importantly, unseen.
  • Women can opt for a wide variety of hot-weather shoes, from canvas slip-ons to sandals, flipflops, flats, and running shoes. There are plenty of comfortable outdoor sandals available, too, for a summertime vacation adventure where you want to keep feet cool. 

Materials matter

Materials are some of the most important regulators of heat on your body. Choose the wrong materials, and you may overheat, feel sticky and sweaty, and even stink up a storm. Gross. Here are a few materials that keep things breezy, so you won’t overheat on your summer vacation:

  • Cotton: This natural fiber is breathable, meaning you won’t feel like you’re wearing a plastic bag.
  • Linen: This is a light and highly breathable natural fiber as well and works great for a little dressed-up hot weather look.
  • Denim: Yes, the classic stable is actually perfect for weather all year round. Pants, shorts, or shirt, high-quality denim makes a great summer standby.
  • Rayon: This synthetic cotton is not as great as the original, but in a pinch, it can keep you much cooler than other synthetic fabrics, like polyester.

However you choose to stay Fashionable on Summer, be sure to do so in style by choosing the most Fashionable on Summer outings!


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