Fashion Trends For 2020’s Spring

spring fashion trends

The fashion industry is on a hit right now, mostly because of the globalization and the internet. Earlier, people used to buy stuff from their nearby stores. They shopped from other states and countries only when they visited there. Because of the lack of internet and good logistics services, nobody knew what kind of products were available all over the world and buying them was near to impossible. But this is not the case anymore. Because now with the internet, you can not only see the summer/winter/spring fashion trends from all over the world but also get them delivered at your doorstep. And all this can be done in just a few clicks.

The fashion industry has made the most profit out of this globalization. As fashion has always been an important aspect of people’s lives. And now, when they see all these fashion bloggers and models online, they just want to look as good as them. Also, these bloggers and influencers make sure that whatever products they show, are available for everyone. Otherwise, there will be no use of showing and recommending them.

This way, fashion businesses also get huge profits through influencer marketing. They provide these bloggers and influencers with free products or discount coupons and ask them to promote their products. This way, they easily reach a large number of people who follow the influencers. And as times have changed, influencer and bloggers also only recommend the products that they themselves trust. Because they always want to maintain the trust of their followers.

Fashion trends change very frequently. With every season, comes a new trend and these seasonal trends also change every year. As now Spring 2020 is almost here, it’s again the time to refresh the wardrobes. And 2020 is a big year, so it can be a little tricky to go on with trends. But not to worry. Here are 10 spring fashion trends that almost everyone can carry. So, let’s go on.

Spring Fashion Trends For 2020

spring fashion trends

There are many weird fashion trends available on the internet that the general public cannot carry anywhere. But the spring fashion trends that are mentioned here are wearable and can be carried by almost everyone.

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Crochet Top

Crochet tops are something that can easily be carried in spring as well as summers. So, they basically do not lie only under the spring fashion trends of 2020, but also summer fashion trends of 2020. Means they can be bought now and can be worn until the monsoon hits.

Also, crochet tops are available in so many patterns and colours that they easily fit into everyone’s ‘favourites’. And they can be easily paired with pants or skirts and can be worn literally everywhere.

Puffed Sleeves top

The next in the line is puffed sleeves top. They look absolutely amazing and can be paired up with all kinds of pants and skirts. It can be worn as a formal or with jeans to rock the daily look. The puffiness of the sleeves makes the shoulders look broader. Also, going for black or dark colour will be a good option as it kinda mutes it.

Floral Dress and Skirt

The word spring already gives the thought of beautiful flowers and colours. So, how can floral prints be left behind in the spring fashion trends? Floral dresses that are neither too short and nor too long, are the perfect fit for this spring season. Choose the smaller prints as they look more decent than the bigger ones.

Floral skirts are also a good option. Skirts with wallpaper print are in trend, so they can be given preference. A long floral skirt can be paired with a body-fitting or a crochet top to complete the look.

Pants and denim

For spring 2020, two types of pants and denim are for sure in trend. One, wide-legged and second, light colours. 2020 is all about bright light colours. So, going for beige wide-legged pants will be a good option. And in denim, light washed wide-legged denim is a really nice option. These pants and denim can be paired up with a little fitted top as it makes the wide-leg look better.


Saying that leathers are for winters will be so wrong in the year 2020. Because with light-coloured leather blazers, anyone can rock their spring look. These leather blazers instantly pop any kind of dress with their chic look. These are not like those warm winter leather jackets, which is why they lie in the spring collection. They give a finish to the look and can be paired up with literally anything.

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Square Toe Sandals

spring fashion trends

This is something that everybody would not prefer in the first look. But once given a try, they will find that these look absolutely amazing. Square toe sandals are gaining popularity nowadays. ‘Strappy square toe sandals’ are a good option to go for this spring. Remember to keep the length of heels low, so that they will be comfortable and can be carried anywhere.

Also, Square toe sandals that have transparent strap and nude colour are a good choice. As they make the legs look longer. These sandals can be paired up with almost all the looks.

Woven Crossbody Bags

Crossbody bags are forever companies of most of the women out there. They do not give much pain on the shoulders and also provide with enough capacity to keep in all the essentials. The latest spring trend is the crossbody bags that are woven. Woven bags are really nice and they easily sync into any kind of look. So, they can be carried anywhere with any kind of dress or look.


The last thing that remains in the list is accessories. Without them, the look is never complete. So for the spring fashion trends of 2020, here are some of the accessories that should be there in everybody’s checklists.

  • Bright sunglasses: As the sun will be on our heads soon, so a pair of sunglasses is really important to be included in your everyday look. Go for the bright ones as they look absolutely stunning.
  • Thick hoops: Hoop earrings have always been in trend. This spring, thick-textured hoop earring can easily be paired with all the looks and they will make you look amazing.

So, this was it for the 2020 spring fashion trends. And it is for sure that with these 8 trends, everybody will be able to rock their 2020 spring season look.

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