5 Common Online Content Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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The need for content is increasing as companies shift their strategies to using the internet. This need has increased over the past few years. As this has happened, the need for quality content has continued to increase. A quick look at google searches for online content have been on an upward trend. As the leading SEO San Jose company we have had a first-hand experience in this trend. In this article, we will look at some of the common content mistakes that many companies make.

Plagiarizing and Content Spinning

Google and other search engines like to take their users to pages where they will get important information. As a result, they always take the issue of plagiarism very seriously. They have specific software that help them detect content that is not original. Therefore, while you can easily copy and paste another person’s website content, the reality is that Google will penalize you for that. The same applies to content spinning. This is a process where online publishers take content, run it through software, and make it unique. This is a violation to Google’s policies.

Writing Without Specific Keyword

People find your online content by simply searching Google. They enter a keyword and expect results with that keyword. Therefore, if your article lacks a keyword, it will be difficult for Google and other search engines to rank you. To solve this, we recommend that you take time to plan your content. Come up with a few keywords that you want your articles to rank and then work on them. By doing this, you will be at a good position to attract organic users to your platform.

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Very Short Content

It is true that most people don’t like reading. They will often find useful content online and read just the important parts. However, search engines prefer long content that has important details. They prefer content that is intensive and one that answers key questions. As such, we recommend that you focus on coming up with long content that is intensive. By doing this, you will find it easier to rank higher. Also, it will give you an opportunity to add more internal and external links to your website. It will also enable you to add more multimedia features.

Failing to Provide Links

Links are very essential when it comes to search engine optimization. The word website is made of two parts; web and sites. The web part refers to the interconnections of multiple pages. Without links, the internet would not be what it is today. As such, search engines prefer websites content that has both internal and external links. They prefer this content because it is usually more researched. Linking to your own content helps you to make readers visit more of your pages. Therefore, never write plain content without any links.

Not Having Multimedia

As mentioned above, people are usually not very good readers. They prefer website content that incorporates both images, videos, tweets, and infographics. Having content that has all these details will help you achieve a better ranking. For example, if you add a video to your content, it will help ensure that people spend more time on the page. It will also be visible when they search on YouTube. The same is true with other multimedia details like infographics.

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In conclusion, you should ensure that the content on your website has a few features. First, ensure that it is relevant to the audience you are targeting. Second, ensure that it is not very short. Add as much details as possible. Third, provide relevant internal and external links, and finally, ensure that you have multimedia features.

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