8 Exquisite Benefits Of Link Building That You Can’t Take Lightly

8 Exquisite Benefits Of Link Building That You Can't Take Lightly

It won’t be wrong to say that link building is the backbone of the SEO world. How? Well, the benefits of link building are enough to highlight this.


Simply put, link building means establishing your website’s online presence by way of creating backlinks on relevant external websites of high Domain Authority (D.A.) and Page Authority (P.A.).


You must have come across a plethora of blogs or online articles, and while reading them, just like you’re reading this, you must have seen some text highlighted differently than the whole blog part. And when you place the cursor over that part, it indicates that the term or keyphrase (which is precisely regarded as ‘anchor text’) is clickable. Of course, now you click over that part and get redirected to another web page. That is exactly why link building is done.


Benefits Of Link Building

Link building is a crucial element of the off-page search engine optimization process. The below-stated benefits of link building suffice to highlight how imperative it is:


1. Improves Organic Ranking

Link building is a great way to acquire organic ranking. This is so because when the search engines find links to your website or web page/s on another quality source (in terms of D.A. and P.A.), they regard your site or web page as authoritative, and consequently, they allot higher ranking to it. This way, you can get a higher ranking without spending your money recklessly.


2. Get More Referral Traffic

Is there any easier way to fetch referral traffic to your site or web page/s than link building? Through link building, you can get your site acknowledged by new audiences as and when they click on an anchor text over another site.


8 Exquisite Benefits Of Link Building That You Can't Take Lightly
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Also, the online market is much more diverse and competitive than one can imagine, and to stand out in such a cut-throat competition, it’s imperative to stay one step ahead. In case you don’t acquire backlinks, you’ll lose potential clients to your competitors.


One noteworthy thing here is that you must consider creating backlinks on a relevant and authoritative website. This will surely require a little extra effort but will, in turn, establish a legit image for your brand name.


3.  Establish Brand Credibility

When search engines go for allotting rankings, they lay stress over two things:-


  • Relevancy Of Your Content
  • Quality Backlink Profile


While analyzing your content, search engines also pay attention to the quality as well as quantity of backlinks you’ve acquired. This means if a reasonable number of relevant external websites link back to your content, it automatically amplifies the value of your content.

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Another thing that one must remember is not to depend entirely on a single site to get backlinks, as it tampers with your brand name’s credibility. Suppose that you’ve created backlinks on 8 to 10 distinctive sites that are relevant to your niche, then search engines like Google perceive your content as of higher value and credibility. That is what the search engines actually look for altogether with relevancy. As a consequence, you’ll get a higher ranking on SERP.


4.  Upscale Your Site’s Domain Authority (D.A.)

While many SEO experts emphasize creating backlinks on sites with higher Domain Authority (D.A.), it becomes imperative to understand how your business can get benefitted from it. Scroll down a little to learn about that…..


8 Exquisite Benefits Of Link Building That You Can't Take Lightly


Building links on high D.A. sites not only marks credibility but also escalates your website’s D.A. in return, and while you do so, keep in mind that acquiring links from 1 authoritative and credible website with high D.A. can generate more rewarding benefits for you than acquiring links from a plethora of sites with low D.A.


5. Increasing Brand Awareness & Visibility

Amplifying brand awareness and visibility are among the primary benefits of link building. Link building is an optimum way to get discovered by a wider audience base. We’ve discussed earlier how garnering backlinks can amp up the whole SEO game in terms of rankings and credibility.


Link building isn’t merely associated with speaking about your brand among the already established audience base, but it also opens a hub of opportunities to mark a prominent place among the untapped audience base.


6. Builds Relationship In Your Niche

This is the most underrated benefit of link building. How? So far this is clear how imperative it is to rake in backlinks so as to establish a connection with the audience.


But have you considered how this benefit of link building can actually garner golden opportunities for your business?


If your content and your approach are avant-garde and niche-centred, you can be a part of the network of big cheese of your niche or industry in no time. After all, networking has a crucial role to play in the SEO game.


7. Decreases Bounce Rate

Let’s say you are checking out a real estate website and an anchor text over there lands you on a jewellery business site. Plausible chances are that you will press the back button without sparing a minute over that site as it is a totally different page to that of your interest at the point of the time, which means you’ll bounce back.

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That’s exactly where a well-suited link building strategy can be of utmost assistance. When links are acquired from a relevant site, this does not happen at all. In fact, the audience will tend to be inclined towards spending time on your site when they come across a relevant service/product or worthy information.


Also, internal linking is oftentimes skipped while reckoning the benefits of link building. When you interlink relevant and useful blogs/articles on your own domain with your content, it can also increase user time on your site and bring down the bounce rate.


8. Improves Overall SEO Metrics

Link building is an optimum way to reach out to a wider audience base and escalates the chances of raking in more quality leads for a business. Nevertheless, a site’s authority also gets swayed by a plethora of factors, including its Domain Rating and Alexa Ranking altogether with Page Authority (P.A.) and Domain Authority (D.A.).


That’s why it becomes inevitable to have a keen eye for the patterns you follow at the time of link building so as to not befall search engine algorithms such as the Google Penguin algorithm. Back in time, Google released this algorithm to give a red flag to websites that follow an unnatural link building approach and acquire backlinks from irrelevant and poor-quality sites to picture themselves as a renowned source of information.


8 Exquisite Benefits Of Link Building That You Can't Take Lightly
Image Credits: business2community


Such spammy tactics can not only hamper your website’s overall SEO metrics but, in fact, can make its ranking dwindle, get it penalized, or, if worst comes to the worst, your website can get blacklisted from the search engine. And, this is surely nobody’s first choice.


Also, this algorithm ensures and prompts one to keep a check on the quality of their backlink profile. If taken care of well, these algorithms can work in favour of your website.


To reap the benefits of link building, the quality and pattern of building links must be precisely reckoned with and get worked upon.


The benefits of link building are over-the-top, and it suffices to clarify that overlooking it can make your website’s promotion muffled. Your site’s metrics and ranking depend heavily on its link building strategy. That’s why if you don’t want to remain devoid of the benefits of link building, you must not turn a blind eye to it.

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