5 Top Tips for a Garden Makeover

garden makeover

Admit it. Your garden was ignored throughout the cold winter months. However, the season is fixing to change, and you can seize the outdoors again.

As Spring nears, it’s time to start thinking about getting your garden into shape.

Regardless of which style of garden you are intending to set up, there are some helpful ideas to get started.

Read on to discover, 5 top tips for a perfect garden makeover.

1) Find a Garden that Speaks to You

The word garden is an all-encompassing term for landscaping. The truth is, there are many garden types.

So, before you sink your shovel into the ground, think about what you like.

Perhaps you want the garden to upgrade your home’s curb appeal. Maybe it’s your relaxation garden in the backyard. You might even have the urge to plant herbs and vegetables for the table. (https://househummus.com/)

There are countless articles and design ideas to point you in the right direction. Find a garden that speaks to you and plan accordingly.

2) Leave Room to Maneuver

If you have an idea for making your garden over, think about how the layout will work. It is critical to have enough room to maneuver.

For example, if your garden will have paths and walkways, make sure they are wide enough to walk through. If you want to have rows of food, leave enough space to access the plants for picking. Want to have garden parties? There needs to be elbow room for your guests.

Lawn chairs, fire pits, and hammocks all take up space. These accessories need to be planned around.

The size and shape of your yard will help determine the ratios of space to plants.

This leads to the next garden makeover tip.

3) Plan for Plants to Grow

One thing novice gardeners may overlook is plant growth. Although the seedlings start out small, they will grow. When giving your garden a makeover, don’t overplant your square footage.

It may look sparse at first but give the pants time to fill out. Space to grow will keep you from having to transplant your plants later. It will also avoid overgrowth.

You never want your garden to be a suffocating tangle of plants that you’ll have to bushwhack to enjoy.

4) Plant for Year-Round Enjoyment

Although the warmer months come to mind when you think of flowers in bloom, your garden doesn’t have to be a once-a-year wonder.

Consider choosing plants that will bloom at different times of the year. This can include flowers and foliage that will make your garden a living, changing work of art.

The same goes for planting fruits and vegetables so you have seasonal food.

Enjoy your garden year-round.

5) Consider Installations

Again, before you rush out to put some seeds in the ground, think about your garden long term. If you plan it right, you can prepare your garden makeover for expansions.

Think about any installations that may play a role in your garden. Irrigation systems, gas lines for a grill, and electrical for lighting are all possibilities.

Nothing is worse than having to tear up plants to install these underground systems.

Instead, think about how your garden will look and how you will use it in the future.

Gear Up for a Garden Makeover

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to welcome the warm months. Gear up and get ready for your garden makeover. Keep these top tips in mind when planning your dream garden.

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