7 tips to breathe life into your old garden

7 tips to breathe life into your old garden

Garden. Greenery. Nature. A lot of times, people tend to overlook their gardens. The fresh green grass turns pale. Leaves fall off. Flowers cease to exist in the flower beds. (jiriecaribbean.com) At such times, it is essential to give time to your garden to breathe life into it.

People often assume that Gen X and Y are the most passionate about gardening. New evidence suggests that millennials are equally interested in retaining the beauty of their gardens by working to maintain it.

Has your garden lost its charm? Do you wish to give it a new life, and restore its lost beauty? Here are seven tips that will help you along the way.

  1. Plant colorful flowers

Nothing says a dull garden like the one which doesn’t have any colors in it. No, we are not talking about the color of your garden furniture. Instead, every garden needs natural spruce of color. And this can only be achieved by planting a wide variety of colorful flowers.

You can choose which type of flower to plant in your garden, keeping in mind your schedule. Remember, certain plants require more maintenance than others. Only plant such flowers if you can give it proper time and care. You wouldn’t want your effort to go down the drain as the beautiful flowers wilt away. If you don’t have a lot of free time on your hands, it is best to opt for perennials. These plants don’t require much maintenance or re-planting. (umm.net) Instead, you can say that it is a one-time project that reaps benefits for years.

  1. Disinfect it

Just like your house needs to be disinfected from bugs and insects, the same is the case with your garden. Two types of insects exist in gardens. One type is those who are actually beneficial for the plants. The others are those that cause it harm. You need to tackle the latter by using bug killer sprays and disinfectants.

Unless you do so, you will notice that the plants in your lawn keep dying. Regardless of how efficient you are in watering them, if pesticides attack your plants, they are doomed. So, rather than taking a passive approach, make use of quality bug sprays to disinfect your garden.

  1. Consider adding a water fixture
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Do you wish for your garden to be the center of attention of your property? While a beautiful and green garden is clearly a good start, sometimes you need a little extra to create an impact. To breathe life into your lawn, consider adding a water fixture in it. Whether it be a small fountain or a fish pond, such additions to the garden automatically elevate its curb appeal.

You might think that a water fixture is an expensive investment. However, this is not necessarily true. In fact, you can add a small fish pond to your lawn for a low-cost. You can also have a sustainable system to prevent water wastage.

One thing is for sure, going the extra mile and installing a water fixture in your garden will give it new life.

  1. Conduct a soil test

When people look at their miserable old garden, they might be tempted to try quick solutions. Just because your garden isn’t reaping plants like it used to doesn’t mean that adding standard nutrients to the soil will help.

You must align such efforts to the needs of your garden. For instance, let’s say your garden is deficient in potassium, and you added an ammonia-based nutrient to it. Do you think this will restore your lawn to its previous glory?

Therefore, it is advised that you first conduct a soil test to determine the deficiencies in the soil. You are then much more prepared to add the right nutrients to it to ensure plant growth.

  1. Place your lighting strategically

Yes, the sun will bestow natural light to your open space during the daytime. But what about the night? Doesn’t your garden deserve the recognition throughout the day?

While a lot of people think that daytime is when a garden has the potential to shine, it is actually the night time when an open space can look breathtakingly beautiful. And so can your garden. All you need to do is place special lighting, in the right angle and the right place.

Make sure that the light falls on your beautiful flowers and plants. Decide which elements of your space you wish to highlight and use your lighting to do so. You will see the visible difference this makes to the beauty of your garden.

  1. Come up with a theme
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A modern garden is more than just plants and flowers. Now, every aspect of a house must follow a theme. This holds for a garden too. A theme helps you decide which type of flowers to plant, the kind of furniture to include, etc.

For instance, if you want your lawn to look vintage, you would want to add rustic garden furniture to it. You can incorporate the theme by adding a wooden deck and choosing plants that give off a rustic vibe.

Rather than having a standard garden, think of a theme beforehand and transform your garden accordingly.

  1. Stay within your budget

Breathing life into your old garden won’t be a pro-bono task. It might end up taking a significant chunk of your wallet. Therefore, it is essential that you plan your expenses. Think of how much money you are willing to spend on the project. When making the expenditure, try your best to stay within your budget.

The last thing you would want is to overspend and realize halfway into the process that you are now short on cash!


Incorporate these seven tips to restore your old garden. Just like other parts of your house, your garden too deserves your attention and care. And when you do give it, your garden will surely get you a lot of compliments.

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